Out of Town Doesn't Have to Mean Off the Wagon

By Live Well 360 Guest Blogger Nicolle Sisia
Anyone who has ever been on a weight loss plan is familiar with the phrase, "I fell off the wagon". You’re motoring along just fine, counting your calories, points, macronutrients, whatever brings you success. You’re clothes fit better and your self- confidence is starting to increase. YAY! You’re on the path to both mental and physical success. Then, it happens. You’re scheduled to travel out of town. All of a sudden, the fear of falling, "off the wagon" becomes all too apparent. How on Earth will you be able to travel with your food scale, calorie counter, measuring cups and your perfectly planned food? What about business dinners? Meals out? Enjoying local and international faire? You are now faced with a choice. Do you tell yourself, “vacation is vacation, I’ll deal with it when I come home,” or do you find a way to make the effort to stay on track while enjoying all that your trip has to offer? I write this article because traveling when dieting has always been a challenge for me. I can’t prepare my own foods, I’m not training in my own gym, and I’m not sleeping in my own bed. I am guilty of throwing my hard earned efforts out the window and feeling terrible about myself upon my return. During my last vacation, I made a promise to myself that I would make smart decisions about both my diet and training. Below you will find some tips I have picked up along the way and those I was able to put into action:


If traveling by car, I always pack a small cooler. I bring chicken cutlets, peanut butter and homemade muffins. This also leaves room for shakes, vegetables and other such staples. When traveling by plane, I portion out and individually pack protein powder and other items that can stay fresh while in transit. I also make it a point to purchase fruit or some trail mix in the airport terminal. If you buy it there, they usually let you take in on board. Yeah, it stinks to pay $4.50 for an apple but it’s better than eating the in flight meal.

Hotel Rooms

I have asked for a microwave and mini-fridge before. Why not at least ask? I would rather eat my own breakfast and start the day with a clear head than greasy bacon and home fries.


If you know where you are or feel brave enough to explore, all you need is a pair of sneakers. Can you think of anything more relaxing than a morning run on the boardwalk or the beach?

Hotel Fitness Centers

I have picked hotels based on this alone. If I can find a treadmill, I’m a happy girl. If there are weights in the fitness center, even better. I know I won't find my usual training equipment but I have to remember that I’m not home and I need to adjust accordingly.

Limited Options

There is no hotel fitness center, there are no microwaves, mini-fridges and you’re looking out your window at six feet of snow.This happened to me once and I knew I had to get creative, FAST! I moved the hotel table and created my own training routine. Some things to include:
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups/Crunches
  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Yoga-Stretches
If you pick a few of these exercises and perform them in a circuit, you could get a really nice burn! Overall, you can see that out of town does not mean, “off the wagon”. You can make smart food and training decisions, all while enjoying your stay at your destination. Healthy and happy travels!
Nicolle Sisia, a fitness and nutrition enthusiast from New York, enjoys all things related to the health and wellness - especially training, running, kickboxing, spinning, and cooking. She often spends countless hours in the kitchen, creating healthy and flavorful meals that satisfy the mind, body and palate. On her journey to her “best life,” Nicole has participated in three figure competitions and recently placed 3rd in her class. She is dedicated to educating herself on the mind-body connection, committed to making peace with her body, and feels inspired by sharing her life lessons with others so that they might be able to gain some clarity on their own “best life” journey. Nicolle is mentored by Nancy Kornblum, an affiliate of The Diet Doc: www.perfectpeaking.com
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