Piloxing Packs a Punch!

Piloxing Packs a Punch!

If you’re looking to move outside your exercise comfort zone and try something different, why not try Piloxing? This dynamic exercise regime combines the disciplines of pilates and boxing to offer a unique exercise experience which strengthens and tones the body while stimulating overall aerobic fitness.

Piloxing was introduced by Swedish-born Viveca Jensen, who has used her multi-disciplinary skills as a dancer, body-builder, pilates instructor and trained boxer to deliver a workout with a difference. Jensen designed piloxing to deliver transformative results, not just physically, but also mentally – helping women to work towards a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.

Just another fitness craze?

You might be forgiven for thinking that this is just another exercise fad. After all, at first glance it’s fair to say that boxing and pilates don’t appear to be complementary disciplines. That is, until you discover that Joseph Pilates was himself a professional boxer, who firmly believed that enhancing core muscle strength and improving breathing could play a significant role in promoting physical health and assist in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Piloxing, as conceptualized by Jensen, is designed to combine the agility, speed and power of boxing with the toning, sculpting and strengthening qualities of a pilates workout. This hybrid discipline requires participants to engage in a series of fast-paced boxing moves – jabs, upper-cuts, crosses, hooks and kicks – alongside strengthening techniques which are designed to engage and control the core muscles for maximum impact. In addition, all participants are encouraged to wear weighted gloves during the workout, which assist in toning the arms and supporting enhanced cardiovascular performance.

Total body health

Piloxing sessions are delivered in a high-energy, motivating environment, with instructors who know how to challenge and inspire you to take your exercise regime to the next level. It’s a results-driven workout which keeps you in the fat-burning zone through a combination of high and low impact movements which enhance cardio fitness, whilst building core strength and muscle tone. It’s also designed to be a lot of fun, providing a great way to tone up, lose pounds and improve your posture. Alongside a challenging physical workout, piloxing is also about improving mental strength, inspiring participants to feel strong and sexy. It’s a winning combination, delivering an intense cardio and muscle-toning workout, which is underpinned by Jensen’s personal philosophy to empower women physically and mentally through fitness.
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