Popular Types of Gym Tote Bags

There are some surveys that suggest that about two thirds of gym membership go unused on a month-to-month basis. And of course, there’s that ubiquitous statistic that 80% of those who join a gym in January, thanks to that New Year’s resolution, will quit the gym five months later. These stats often portray their subjects as mockable—but they shouldn’t be met with derision. A gym membership is just like any other product people buy: not everyone remains enamored with it, and like clothes or a piece of furniture, it may be thrown out or cached away for use next month, next season, or next year. Compared to men, women will generally forego their gym membership or fitness regimen more readily. As a result, women’s gym totes, shoes, and other sports attire can all break down as a result of irregular use: just think about your gym tote bag being squashed under your stinky runners for a month. It’s no wonder, then, that some of the most popular types of gym bags in general, and women’s gym totes in particular, are durable, intuitive, and timelessly fashionable. With the last decade’s yoga boom, one of the most enjoyed types of gym bags has been the tote, with one simple compartment made of some synthetic material. Unfortunately, these simple bags aren’t just simply designed, but they are also cheaply made with a synthetic fiber that is crafted for general use in mind, and thus with no thought of dealing with the corrosive, smelly sweat that they’re constantly subjected to. The result? Musty, crusty gym totes that end up falling apart within a year. This also means that the clothes and accessories you end up carrying around have a shorter lifespan, too. How do you combat this? One of the best ways of making sure that your gear is ready to fit your fluctuating levels of activity and fitness is by investing in a women's gym tote that’s durable. But durable, here, doesn’t just mean made out of high-quality materials. It also means having a bag that knows how to treat your other gear. Just like each machine at the gym works a different set of muscles, so should your gear, and your gym bag, especially, be versatile and specialized. For example: Ideal women’s gym totes should have a compartment that is separate from the main one for shoes and sweaty clothes. And in line with that, you should try to find a gym tote that has exterior adjustable straps to house gear, such as yoga mats or rolled towels. Also, since your entire day doesn’t revolve around the gym (we are busy!), a solid tote should offer a distinct (preferably felt- or fleece-lined) pocket for watches, jewelry, and phones. Be sure to pick up a gym tote that has a water bottle compartment on the outside! This can’t be stressed enough: the number of stories out there about people chucking their water bottles into their bags at the end of a workout and having it spill on their electronics—well, it’s enough to drive the point home. At the end of the day, equipping yourself with the same level of care you want to show your body can’t mislead you.
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