Listening to your Body - Shh...Do You Hear That?

If you are listening to your body, you might find that in this journey toward your best life, you had the answers all along.

I decided to do my workout today sans iPod. It felt like a good day for thinking, the sun is shining (for the moment) here in Southeast Michigan, so I thought I would really try to enjoy it.

I was about half way through my bootcamp-esque sprint drills, trying to push myself harder because I knew I could, even though I wanted to be lazy and just get through the workout, when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Listening to Your Body

THIS is what living your best life is all about - listening to your body. That is, deep down, the mission statement of every wellness goal one might have. As silly and cliche as it sounds, we must all learn to quiet our minds, quiet all of the outside distractions, and hear when our body gives us signals, because it does. We are usually just too distracted to hear it. Now, I say that as if it is as simple as placing your ear up to a glass against a wall and suddenly you will hear a God-like voice that says, “drop that cookie, your insulin is going to shoot through the roof,” or “hey, snap out of it and start focusing on the positive aspects in your life rather than just the negative.” Obviously, its not that easy. What I mean is that we all need to pay more attention. If you constantly feel depressed and down in the dumps, something is wrong. If you suddenly have acne and you haven’t had it in years, your body is out of whack for some reason. If you are never hungry, this is not a good sign! I am the first to admit I still haven’t mastered this skill yet. Many times I have selective hearing just like everyone else. It truly does take a long time to “become one with your bod”, and we all make mistakes along the way. But you learn from those mistakes. You become more in tune because of those mistakes. And then you alter your behavior because of what you learn about yourself. So give it a try today. You might find that in this journey toward your best life, you had the answers all along.
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