Five spring travel necessities to help you start your trip right

Five spring travel necessities to help you start your trip right

Spring is finally here, and we are definitely very excited!! What does Spring mean for us? Well, we definitely plan on traveling so we have created a list of spring travel necessities! Here are our favorite travel items!!

Away Smart Suitcase, The Medium

Cost: $275 One of the most important things we need when traveling is a suitcase!! Can’t pack for a trip without it, so it is super important we find a suitcase that can make traveling a lot easier for us and look stylish too! The Away Smart Suitcase is the perfect suitcase and does exactly that! It is a midsize bag perfect for checking in for your longer trips! And the cool thing is that it has an unbreakable polycarbonate shell so it won’t break especially being thrown around the airport! It also has an interior compression system and a removable laundry bag, which is super helpful when you have to pack your dirty clothes from your trip! This suitcase is also has a TSA-approved lock and 360 wheels, so you can easily maneuver your suitcase!

Janessa Leone Packable Hat

Cost: $207 Looking for the perfect straw hat for your next spring trip? Well look no further, the Janessa Leone packable hat is the best straw hat to bring with you. You are able to roll and pack up the hat for up to 3 days and it will still look great like it was never in your suitcase! It is also made in the USA, which is great and it comes in three different sizes, which will make sure it is a perfect fit!

Mango Floral Lightweight scarf

Cost: $26 The Mango Floral Scarf is the best lightweight travel scarf! They have a variety of different vibrant prints and colors and they are the perfect length to keep around your neck. And they are super affordable! They come at different prices from $15.99 up to $35.99.

LiveWell360 Travel Backpack

Cost: $159.99 The LiveWell360 Backpack is the best backpack to use as your carry on or even for hiking and your outdoor adventures! It is tough as nails and can carry everything!! It has an oversized main compartment and several different pockets to fit all your travel necessities! It also includes a vented shoe and laundry chamber, and laptop compartment, which is great for travel because you can put your dirty shoes and clothes in your backpack without just throwing it in your backpack!

Smythson Panama Zip Currency Case

Cost: $335 This carrying case is the perfect carrying case for travel! It is pricey but it is the smallest, simple case for carrying money and cards! It comes in 7 different colors, which is great for those who want some color in their case! This carrying case has four different color-coded zip compartments for storing money and cards! This particular carrying case is named Panama collection because it borrows its name from the cross-grain leather found on the original 1908 Panama diary, which makes it an instant Smythoson icon.

Poweradd Slim 2 External Battery

Cost: $12 The Poweradd Slim 2 is perfect for travel because it is super slim and super helpful for charging your phone! We all know we need an extra battery pack especially when we travel! Sometimes we can’t find a plug or be bothered to sit somewhere where there is a plug; with this battery charger, you are able to charge your phone from any place in the airport! It is simple and stylish but also has upgraded smart charging, to help charge your phone super fast!


So we hope you enjoyed all of our must-have products for Spring Travel! Don’t forget to check them out and next time you travel you come back to this list to find things you need. Get out there travel some more and pack your travel necessities!
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