Take these  5 Simple Steps to Boost your Sunday Motivation

Take these 5 Simple Steps to Boost your Sunday Motivation

Sunday is a day of rest for many, often consisting of lazy hours spent in front of the TV. After an uneventful weekend, Monday is forced to pick up the brunt of responsibilities. Sometimes, it just seems that there is no Sunday motivation. Get out of this hectic schedule by shifting some of your weekly duties to Sunday. By spending just a few hours of your Sunday preparing for the week ahead, you can sail through the week feeling more relaxed and accomplished. Here are a few things you should do for some Sunday motivation: Sunday Motivation Meal Prep


Meal prep can save you cash, reduce waste, and greatly improve your nutrition. There has probably been many evenings when you didn’t plan out your meals, resulting in a stop at your local fast food drive-through for a makeshift dinner. Eating out becomes habit-forming, and the consequences are often poor nutrition, weight gain, and depleted funds. Meal prep can save you time in the kitchen and prompt healthier food choices. It's a great way for you to get some Sunday motivation. Steps to effective meal preparation:
  • Open your fridge and toss everything that is expired
  • Scan grocery store ads and create a weekly menu based on what’s on sale
  • Write down a list of food items you’ll need to purchase
To save time during the week, choose meals that are relatively quick to prepare and cook, using both hot and cold foods. If possible, serve foods that are in season, providing better flavor, prices, and quality. If you won’t have time to cook in the evening, throw some dinner into a crockpot and let it slowly stew while you’re at work. Arrive home to a hot and hearty meal that took mere minutes to prepare that morning. Sunday Motivation Schedule Your Week


Organization is the key to success. On Sunday, take the time to establish a plan of attack for each day of the upcoming week. By scheduling your week on a Sunday, you’re able to see your successes and failures from the previous week, and alter the upcoming week to ensure triumph. When scheduling your week, sit down with pen and paper, calendar, or laptop in a quiet place free of distractions. Take a look at what work, school, and household duties you have in the upcoming week. Also take note of any appointments you may have. Block off time during your week for important activities, but be sure to leave time for relaxation and bonding with loved ones. By creating a fulfilling routine, you can avoid procrastination and the many distractions that accompany an unorganized life. Sunday Motivation Get ahead on work. Via Whatsupusana


No one wants to work on weekends, but spending an hour or two completing a few work-related tasks can help you start your week off with a bang. First address your inbox. Read, answer, and sort the emails you’ve received over the weekend, and catch up on any old emails you have yet to address. On Monday, you won’t be so overwhelmed with an inbox full of unanswered messages. Use your Sundays to knockout a few smaller tasks, leaving you more time during the week for tackling larger projects. If you have meetings coming up, take a few moments to write down talking points to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly. Jot down a to-do list you’d like to accomplish during the week, starting with the most important and ending with the least. Also set up time limits in which you’d like to finish each task. Sunday Motivation Organation. Via Ariannabelle


You’ve probably mumbled “I have nothing to wear!” one too many times when trying to dress in the early morning hours. Making getting ready in the morning a cinch by readying your wardrobe on Sunday. Begin by quickly getting your wardrobe organized by putting away any freshly-laundered clothes. Make sure that your closet and dresser drawers are separated into categories to make finding what you need fast and simple. You’ll also want to spend a few minutes picking out an outfit for each day of the week. Not only does this save time, it can also prevent you from wearing the same style of clothes again and again. Consider what tasks you’ll be completing the upcoming week, such as meetings or dates, and plan your outfits accordingly. Include any accessories and footwear you plan on wearing. Sunday Motivation Share the housework. Via Telegraph


To ensure that you have leisurely time for yourself, ask others in the household for help. Household chores should be delegated among spouses and children so that everyone has shared responsibilities in the home. Children as small as two-years-old can complete simple chores, such as picking up clothes off the floor. Prevent household chores from becoming overly boring by shuffling tasks between everyone in the home. On Sundays, assign everyone their weekly chores, such as putting away their clothing, sweeping the kitchen, or setting the table. To make it easier to remember who does what, create a chore chart with each person’s name and task under each day of the week. Consider offering children incentives or rewards for completing their chores for the entire week to keep things fun.

In Conclusion...

With Monday just a day away, many people dread Sunday evenings. However, you can feel confident going into the work week by getting some essential tasks completed on Sunday. What are some of your Sunday rituals? Let us know some of your life hacks below!
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