The Accel: Your Go-to, On-the-Run Bag

The Accel: Your Go-to, On-the-Run Bag

The Accel bag is quite literally my go-to, on the run bag. I take it with me on quick trips to the gym (when I am not showering and getting ready there) and am only bringing the essentials. I take it to yoga. I use it as my day bag when on vacation and as a carry on bag when flying. It would be hard for me to claim a favorite Live Well 360 bag because that would be like choosing a favorite child, but I have to say… the Accel is pretty freakin’ versatile. And this is why I am writing you today, because as you might have read in our last blog post, we are switching things up a bit with our inventory and for the time being, may only have one bag in stock at a time. As of right now, we carry the Accel bag in Onyx Black. If you have been thinking of picking the Accel up for yourself or a friend, I highly recommend you getting it now because we can’t say for sure when you’ll have the opportunity to get it again.

What are people saying about the Accel?

I absolutely LOVE my Accel bag. It is the perfect bag to carry my SLR camera and lenses around for a day trip. I have also used it to carry magazines, water, towel and my iPad to the pool. The padded zippered pocket was a fabulous idea and protects my iPad. It is also a great smaller bag for trips to the gym. I just can’t say enough good things about this bag. I also own the Core bag, which I love as well, but I have found that I am using the smaller Accel bag constantly for many different purposes. I have gotten many compliments on both my Accel and my Core bag. Thank you for designing such wonderful and such high quality bags!! -Tracy C.
The Accel has been my companion for a short while, and I am also an owner of the Core. While the Core has been the fitness bag of my life, the Accel has accompanied me in so many amazing ways. The yoga straps have served to carry my beach towel, snorkel and fins, and I also string the straps through my peep toe high heel and tennis shoes when I hit the gym (but I’m mostly at the beach). The optional compartment divider allows me to carry either food on one side and clothes on the other, or sometimes I removed it completely to place large items like 2 liter bottles of water for hiking trips. Might I add that I have never taken anything but a backpack to hike, but now that I have the Accel I love that it holds tight to my body and fits a plethora of hiking gear! My iPad fits snuggly into the rear compartment, and the front pockets hold my important items. The inside zip pockets (there are four) allow me to keep smaller items separate and organized (I like to keep dangly earrings away from my iPod earbuds cord) and the inside mesh slip pockets are a perfect place for my sunglasses. I get compliments on the color of my (Eggplant Purple) Accel everywhere I go, and it’s perfect for the beach, as an overnight bag, and for going with me to the gym and work daily. I’m overly satisfied with the design, flexibility, and durability of this bag, and coming from a person with chronic buyers’ remorse, this carries a lot of weight (just like the Accel does!). I won’t ever go back to using a standardized “sport name brand” gym bag ever again and I can tell that Live Well 360 did a lot of research on this bag before developing it. It feels like they took everything into consideration during the design phase, and I am confident that all of my needs have been met. Call me crazy, but I get excited by finding new ways to keep myself organized and by finding new uses for the different options the bag offers (inside compartments, yoga mat straps, etc). I really adore this bag and am proud to be an ambassador of the Accel. I cannot thank Live Well 360 enough for allowing me to live well through the use of their products! - Jen K.
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