The Best Bags for Men to Transition from Work to the Gym

In this modern world, it is very often difficult for men to balance their work-home life and still find time to keep up their health through physical fitness. With so much in their schedule it’s hard to manage everything, and its especially difficult to carry everything around you need if you want to go from work to the gym, or vice versa, either at lunch or at the end of the day. However, this is now easier than ever with the selection of gym bags for men available from LiveWell 360. These bags are made of high quality, stylish materials, but also with enough space for everything a man needs in his work and gym life. Packing It All in One of the biggest difficulties with having to transition from work to the gym for men, is carrying around all the supplies needed. With the gym bags for men, you finally have bags designed to not only properly hold all your fitness gear: towels, change of clothes, toiletries, shoes, etc., but most bags from LiveWell 360 include compartments for your modern technology such as padded pockets for your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. With such space available, you can carry your bag to work with everything you need for both work and the gym, without having to worry about where to put it all during the day. As well, if you are a fan of yoga, most gym bags these days come with added yoga mat straps to carry your mat around safe and securely. Gym Bags for MenModern Style If you are considering purchasing gym bags for men that can also carry your work laptop or tablet, you may be worried about what it’ll look like when you walk into your workplace carrying a gym bag rather than a briefcase. Well, with the modern-styled selections available, you no longer have to worry about it. With a gym bag like The Luxx, available from LiveWell 360, you have a choice of bags that come in black, grey or blue, colors that aren’t going to stand out, so you still look in place while going to and from an office building, or wherever you work. As well, the materials used in making these bags include premium ballistic nylon, and durable reinforced metal hardware that are going to hold up to the elements, and are easy to wipe off and clean so you never have to worry about your gym bag looking shoddy while in a professional work place. Business Travel Ready An added bonus to looking at gym bags for men from Live Well 360 is that models like The Luxx and The Backpack are travel ready immediately, meaning you can pack yourself several days’ worth of clothing for any short business trips you may need to take. With all the compartments in the bag, you can include everything you need for several days stay at a business conference easily. The Luxx is also TSA compliant, with quick access zipped pockets for storing your keys, phone, wallet and quick access items like your passport or boarding pass. Work Hard and Gym Hard If you are in the market for gym bags for men for yourself, or for someone your know that needs something that is great for both work and gym life, then visit Live Well 360 today to check out the selection of gym bags available for all lifestyles.
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