The Features that a Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment Should Have

Some people pursue cross-fit, others heavy lifting, others still simply want a basic workout. Each workout type is different, and whatever your workout preference may be, your bag should reflect that. You don’t need a large, bulky bag if you’re only going to the gym to use the elliptical, but if you’re planning on going to work after the gym (or if you are stopping at the gym on your way home), you’ll need a specialized bag with more room for your extra belongings. Particularly, there is one critical aspect that is a complete must-have: a gym bag with shoe compartment. Livewell 360 offers a gym bag with a shoe compartment, as well as many other features; it combines convenience, versatility, and long-lasting and durable materials into one beautiful package!

Gym Bag Features:

Even a gym bag with shoe compartment needs to possess a few crucial components in order to be convenient and versatile:

1.Easy to clean! If you get some dirt or sand from an outdoor run into your gym bag, it shouldn’t be a huge hassle to clean it up. Rather, it should be made of a material that makes it simple to scrub away the dirt and grime. Livewell 360’s Luxx bag exterior is made of a premium ballistic nylon that can stand up to the elements, while its interior is made of a signature crimson liner. On both the inside and outside, all that’s needed to clean dirty spots is a damp cloth with cold water, or if the dirt is being particularly stubborn, all you need is a water and some mild soap. Easy!

2.Odour trapping! Everyone dislikes the smell of sweaty feet, so it’s important that your gym bag with a shoe compartment traps the odor in that compartment. We don’t want our entire bag to smell like sweaty feet, after all!

3.Compartments and durability! As mentioned previously, a shoe compartment that traps odor is the staple of superior gym bags. In addition, having compartments for your other belongings helps keep your bag organized and easy to use. Livewell 360’s Luxx bag is a gym bag with a shoe compartment, but it also has multiple compartments for your sweaty clothes, water bottle, keys, phone, and much more!

4.Made from durable materials! Your gym bag with a shoe compartment should be large and durable enough to hold necessities, like your shoes, extra clothes, a water bottle, etc., without falling apart. Livewell 360’s Luxx bag is reinforced by durable metal hardware in addition to its premium nylon, so you won’t need to worry about your bag falling apart.

Not Just a Gym Bag:

Livewell 360’s gym bag is designed to be used as more than a gym bag; it can go with you to wherever your journey takes you! With the gym bag shoe compartment’s separate shoe and dirty clothes compartment, you can work out without fear of a weird smell lingering in your bag. Whatever your workout, or life, calls for, Livewell 360’s Luxx bag has got you covered!

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