The Perfect Yoga Mat Bag and Accessories

Yoga might be one of the oldest forms of exercise. People have been practicing it for more than 5000 years. It’s no fad! It can be done at home alone, but many people prefer to work out with friends. And sometimes, that means having to carry equipment to the studio, including the only piece of gear you really need for yoga - the mat. You still want a great yoga mat bag, though, and the search for the perfect yoga mat bag and accessories that are just right for everyday and every workout, is a challenge.

Likely there will be days of the week when a trip to the yoga studio is not your only destination. Most of us fit yoga exercise time into before or after work, or in-between other errands. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have one bag that holds it all? It is frustrating to have to fill a bag for the office, the commute, the yoga studio and whatever else the day holds. When it’s difficult to know exactly what you are going to need, it’s easy to get upset before leaving the house, feeling that a choice must be made between being prepared and being on time.

Instead of trying to make your workout fit into your day, why not make your day fit into your workout bag? How can you make your workout bag your day bag?

One Bag to Rule them All

The secret is to focus on the bag, not the mat. Don’t look for a bag that is built to carry a yoga mat inside, instead find a yoga mat bag that could carry a yoga mat if you need one with you for today’s class, but can carry all the other things that are needed for a yoga workout, or another kind of workout.

What is the perfect yoga mat bag? You want one that will fit everything, not one that is strictly the shape and length of the rolled up mat. With a mat inside, this kind of bag can be awkward to carry, and doesn’t have space for other things. The ideal yoga mat bag has straps on the outside of the bag for the mat to attach when it’s needed, and that fold away when it’s not.

The perfect yoga mat bag has dedicated space for all the necessities and accessories that you will need for the day. One of the tricks of convenience is to never completely empty the bag. That way, you always know where everything is and you always have a spare shirt, or clean unmentionables tucked away in convenient zippered pouches, not mixed up in a jumble that has to be searched through whenever something is needed.

The Accel Bag is the perfect yoga mat bag. This bag has a place for everything and it looks stylish as well. There are adjustable compartments that are just the right size so you stay organized. There are padded pockets and a place for phone, books and iPad as well along with pouches on the outside for water bottles, and quick release straps for the yoga mat or a jacket. The Accel is a workout bag and a day bag at the same time.

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