This Fitness Bag is My Favorite Travel Companion

The LIVE WELL 360 LUXX isn't just for the gym! Find out how else Dean uses this great fitness bag! And see how he saves time and money by having it.

In an effort to be budget conscious this holiday season I decided when I took my flight home to Detroit that I would choose spirit airlines. Before you chuckle out loud in responLGTL3se to an airline that will charge you for a glass of water while on board, hear me out. On top of an already crazy holiday ticket fee, most airlines will charge you an additional 25 dollars for your first checked bag and 30 for the second. Not only does this spend what’s in the wallet, but it also means spending more time in your local airport waiting for your checked bag that hopefully didn’t get held up in some random city. Wouldn’t you rather be drinking up some holiday cheer with your family and friends? Solution? Carry on only. Spirit did charge me for my carry on, but the ticket was so cheap it didn’t matter, and I bought water and snacks before, score! My Live Well 360 Luxx isn’t just a gym bag. It has enough space for a very long weekend and the fact that your shoes will never touch your clothing makes my little OCD heart smile. The Live Well 360 Luxx fits brilliantly in the overhead compartment and your shoulder won’t be fatigued while walking through the airport, because it has the most comfortable strap of any fitness bag I’ve ever owned. Once you get to your destination you can empty your clothes out and carry your LUXX to the gym as you would every other day of the week. This is my 3rd straight trip with my new favorite travel companion and I don’t see an end to our relationship anytime soon. As a matter of fact I can guarantee that my in laws will wear me out faster than the ballistic type material of this versatile bag. I’m feeling prett good about myself right now for saving time and money. I’ve got this holiday in the bag.
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