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Four time saving tips for working moms to get their workout

Working out as a mom can be really hard, especially when you feel like you don’t have enough time to do it! Planning and organizing your schedule can really help, but not only that making sure your kids are also organized. There are so many things you can do to save time, so let's dive into our top 4 time-saving tips for working moms who need to workout!

1. Create a Schedule

The biggest thing with saving time is making sure there is no time wasted. It may seem like our days are hectic and they probably are, but there is always time to set aside for working out. If you plan your kid’s schedule ahead of time it will give you an idea of how much time you can make for yourself each week. This will help in the long run with setting aside time for yourself because if you don’t set it aside at the beginning of the week it gets harder and harder to make that time later on. Why not try creating a calendar with set times for your workout. This will help you have it already planned and it gives you a plan to stick to!

2. Combine Your Children’s fun time with your workout

Why not try going to the park with your children and making that a workout?! It’s always hard to make the time to workout alone, but if you combine it with a sport or activity your kid is doing you can save time and spend that time with them too! Next time they want to play soccer or throw a baseball join them! They will love to see you playing with them, and you will love the workout. And that means you don’t have to set aside time for your workout later in the day. Time saved!

3. Make it a Mommy Group

Making a mommy group to keep each other accountable is a great way to save time and motivate each other. Why not combine spending time with other moms and kids and have a workout! You can have a play date and while the kids are playing you and the other mom can workout together! It is a great way to save time and still hangout with other moms. So next time you want to save time try having a play date and while the kids are playing, get in a workout!

4. Use Your Kids' Naptime to Workout

What better to workout than when the kids go to sleep?! It’s always hard making time away from the kids, but if they’re sleeping you won't feel as guilty leaving them alone for an hour to workout. And the great thing is you have an hour of peace and quiet to do whatever workout you want. You can even get in cardio and weight training in that one hour. And the awesome thing is if you want to do other chores you can only workout for the first half hour and you still have the other thirty minutes to get some work done! (* * *) So if you feel overwhelmed as a mom and like you don’t have enough time to workout do not worry, you can use our tips to make time!! Try to prepare by creating a schedule for you and your child as well as, make a group for moms around you. Or even join your kids in their favorite sport! They will love you playing with them and you will love the workout you get.
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