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12 Tips to Resist Craving when Dieting

Food craving is a major problem for those on diets. In fact, it is the major cause of diet breaks and has been cited as the main reason people put on weight when they are trying to lose it. If you are struggling with craving, you are not alone, the good news is that you can beat that stage and proceed on with your diet. Here are twelve tips that will help you resist food cravings while on a diet.

1. Make a plan

Going on a diet is all about having a regulated meal plan. Without a plan, your workout and efforts to avoid foods are in vain. With a plan, you get to include all the aspects of a balanced diet in your daily meals. When creating a diet plan, focus on ketogenic meals to reduce calorie intake. make a weeks diet in advance so that you can avoid indulging in unnecessary cravings.

2. Eat a High Protein Breakfast

When you eat high protein meals, you reduce your appetite as well as you always feel full and hence reduce your eating. Food cravings are usually a major problem during your day hours; where you are likely to encounter all sorts of foods. A protein breakfast takes care if all that.

3. Stop Making Excuses

Procrastination is the mother of failure in all circumstances. Stop excusing your eating or justifying it. Saying "let me do it today and compensate for it tomorrow" will cause you to fail in your efforts. Stop excuses and focus on your diet for it to be successful.

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

If you want to avoid eating junk snacks, you need to make sure they are not in your home. Only keep healthy snacks in your house to ensure that you don't end up eating unhealthy ones. Chances are that you will crave for cookies, but having an apple around will help cut the craving and help you avoid adding calories.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep should be part of your plan when setting your fitness goals. Craving is a substance of hormone fluctuations, which is more likely to happen during the day as opposed to when you are asleep.

6. Drink A lot Of Water

Thirst is mainly caused by hunger or food cravings. In most cases, if you feel the urge to eat a certain food, all you need to do is drink a glass of water. When you feel the urge to eat, a glass of water may help balance the equation and after a few minutes, the craving goes away.

7. Eat Whole Grain Foods

Whole grain meals contain more vitamins, proteins, and minerals, all of which help you reduce your food craving. Whole grain foods contain 100% whole grain, for example, whole grain bread, cereals or brown rice. These foods are important in supplying your body with the necessary vitamins to control craving.

8. Find Healthy Alternatives

If you know that you will crave sweet sugary foods at some point in the day you need to prepare for it. To avoid the chocolate rush, you should ensure that you keep all unhealthy foods out of reach and instead have healthy alternatives around. For instance, you could have a glass of light yogurt with some fruits to avoid craving for candy bars. Healthy alternatives mainly include foods high in fiber and proteins, especially fruit in this case.

9. Exercise

Exercising is the best way to get your mind off the foods. Further, research shows that any kind of aerobic exercises ie, walking, running or any form of calisthenics, reduces food cravings. If you constantly find yourself with an urge to eat, you need to exercise and burn calories hence reducing the sugar levels in the body.

10. Fight Stress

Stress has a big contribution to food cravings even among people who are not on diet. Research shows that people who are stressed, especially women, take in more calories than none stressed ones. Stress also raises the levels of cortisol hormone, that is responsible for weight gain. You can fight stress by meditating either through yoga or your personal sessions. You could also consult a counselor or just relax and have enough sleep. You can even fight stress with food.

11. Identify You Craving triggers

For everyone with a food craving, there are some factors that trigger their behavior. This is what we call emotional eating. When you know what triggers your eating, it is good to avoid such things. In some people, the craving goes up when they are happy while in others it's when they are depressed. Having the ability to manage your emotions will help you take care of all the cravings.

12. Eat A Varied Diet.

Contrary to the general opinion, being on a diet does not mean depriving yourself of food or sticking to a laid out menu. Being on a diet means sticking to a laid out formula. If you want to go on a healthy diet, you can create a plan that constitutes your food intake in percentage. For example, a ketogenic diet that contains 10% carbohydrates, 40% proteins, and 50% fats. If you have such a plan, you do not have to stick to the same food type but rather you can change your food types without necessarily affecting your calorie intake. For instance, you could eat fish for protein on one week and use beef in the next week. Changing your diet regularly will help you cut your food cravings by leaving you more satisfied.

Think About The Results

There is no a known formula on how to take care of your cravings, however, you can take these tips and combine them with personal effort. When you decide to go on a diet, you have your own fitness goals. Let your goals drive you and help you remain consistent on your journey. When you feel like giving in to your cravings, it is the right time to think about the results. Think about your main aim for starting and ask yourself whether taking that candy bar is worth it. When you have your eyes focused on the end results, all the bottlenecks in your way are nothing. Getting fit and losing weight takes much more than just a desire. It takes time, patience and effort from an individual.
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