Tis the Season To Be Grateful

How many holiday seasons do you spend in a tizzy thinking of all the details that you have to get done?

Holy smokes, Thanksgiving is this Thursday (for those of us in the U.S.). Another season. It feels like it was just Halloween! If you are like most people, you are getting ready for the big feast. Heading to the grocery store, preparing your grocery list, cleaning your home, and getting ready for your guests to arrive (if you are hosting the festivities). You want to make sure everything is perfect and that you haven’t forgotten anything. You may also have that twinge of worrying about your diet, afraid that you might be tempted to stray from your “approved” list of foods. Been there, done that! While it is a good thing to want to be healthy of course, it is important to realize how easy it is to veer off track in a different way during the holidays. What do I mean? How many holiday seasons do you spend in a tizzy thinking of all the details that you have to get done? How many nights do you lay awake, getting all worked up and stressed out because you feel like you have to make things perfect? You’ve got to get the perfect gift for each person, to make sure not to forget anyone, to make it to all the parties, to write and send the Christmas cards, to entertain, to wrap, to cook, to bake, to shop, and on and on. All of the pressure around the holidays can get pretty silly when you stop and think about it. Aren't the holidays supposed to be about spending time and giving thanks for those we love? Not about being perfect, buying things, and getting every single to-do crossed off the list. So rather than stressing over the details of the party this season or worrying yourself crazy about sticking to your diet, why not take that focus and energy and apply it to what really matters most.

Focus on what matters most this holiday season

Take time to hug those that you love. Look them in the eye and tell them how you feel about them, straight from your heart. Many of us don’t do this as much as we should. People are what matter, love is what matters, not the details of the celebration. So this Thanksgiving, as you get together to celebrate, rather than placing all the emphasis on the food that sits in front of you on the table, why not take some time to go around the dining room table and have each guest express what they are grateful for in his/her life. What is fabulous right now, right this minute? Who are you thankful to have in your life? We are blessed in so many ways, yet it is easy to look right past those good things, and get caught in worrying about what we feel is not up to our (or other people’s) standard of perfection. There is no such thing as perfection so why get bent out of shape striving to achieve something that is impossible to achieve in the first place. Take time to connect with people this season. Stop moving a thousand miles an hour and sit down to spend quality time with those you love. In the grand scheme of things, when you look back on your life and the holiday seasons of years past, that's what truly counts, isn't it? Who or what are you thankful for this holiday? Share in the comments section below.
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