Ultimate List of CrossFit Backpack Essentials

If you are just getting into CrossFit, or have been doing your workout of the day (WOD) for a long time, you know the essentials you need in your CrossFit backpack. The Backpack by LiveWell360 is well-designed to last a lifetime, and handle everything you require to carry for your CrossFit needs.

WOD Clothes and Shoes

One of the essentials to put in your CrossFit backpack is appropriate clothes for your WOD. This includes well fitted shorts or compression tights that you can easily move in. As well, good knee socks will protect your feet and calves, and a compression variety helps blood flow. A headband can help keep hair and sweat out of your eyes. A pair of stiff soled shoes are good for solid support and balance during you workout.

Extra Support Gear

There is support gear you could include in your CrossFit backpack too. These include: knee sleeves (to keep your knees in place), wrist wraps and straps, gymnastic grips or gloves, thumb nubs (protects your thumbs while gripping). A weight belt, which will help you keep proper form as you lift heavy weight. A backup supply of chalk helps if your gym runs out or doesn’t supply it ( and only if your gym allows weightlifting chalk).

CrossFit Backpack

Athletic Tape

If you don’t want to invest in all the extra support gear, you can get by with using athletic tape in your CrossFit backpack. Athletic tape can be worn multiple days in a row, and when used properly can provide added support to areas such as your shoulder, arches or knees.

Towel and Mat

A towel and a mat is essential for your CrossFit backpack because you’ll need a way to wipe off your sweat during your WOD, and a mat will make your warm up, post workout stretches, yoga, pushups, and ab workouts more comfortable.

Jump Rope

Your gym may have jump ropes available, but having your own speed rope that is perfect for your height is more convenient.

Water Bottle

Hydration is always important, so you’ll always want a water bottle in your CrossFit backpack to ensure you have easy access to good clean water at all times.

Hand Salve and Chafe Protection

Keeping your skin hydrated is important for your hands to protect from tears, rips, shreds and burns, and minimize pain from, and help heal calluses. As well for your CrossFit backpack, you’ll want some sort of chafe protection, particularly if you have larger thighs.

Pre and Post Workout Drinks or Protein

Pre or post workout drinks are a great addition to your CrossFit backpack. Include caffeine for a boost and calorie burn, and L-Citrulline to push harder longer in your pre-workout drink. Post workout you’ll want carbs and proteins to replenish and recoup vitamins and minerals.


A notebook might not be the first thing you think of your CrossFit backpack, but it’s a great addition so that you can keep track of your CrossFit progress as your routine evolves over time.

LiveWell 360 CrossFit Backpack

If you are looking for a CrossFit backpack that can fit all your CrossFit essentials, then check out The Backpack available at Live Well360 today.

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