What are the Benefits of Buying a Gym Bag with a Yoga Mat Holder?

Gym bags are no longer the unwieldy, unsightly bags you haul your rank smelling gym clothes around in. Nowadays, they are as much a style statement as they are a useful tool to transport your essential gym items around in. There are many different styles of gym bags available, but some are a bit better than others - especially if you’re a yoga aficionado. Live Well 360 ’s The Accel bag is a gym bag with yoga mat holder, and using it means you no longer have to awkwardly juggle both your gym bag and your yoga mat. Why Is a Regular Gym Bag No Longer Enough? The fitness regime of most people is fairly straightforward: a simple workout at the gym and then back home. However, many of these same people also lead busy lives, whether that life includes school or work, and juggling multiple bags is an unnecessary complication. This is why Live Well 360’s The Accel bag, a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, is perfect for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. It has numerous compartments, like a laptop compartment, as well as numerous easy-to-access pockets where you can store your more frequently used items. Additionally, The Accel is also made of superior materials that help mask the smell of sweaty clothes. If this is sounding good, then it’s time to retire your old, smelly gym bag in exchange for a new gym bag with a yoga mat holder. Features You Want in Your Gym Bag: Gym bags with yoga mat holders are in high demand now that yoga has exploded in popularity, but this isn’t the only attractive quality of Live Well 360’s The Accel gym bag. This bag is black on the outside, which makes cleanup quick and easy, with a crimson red lining interior to make finding your items quick and easy, too. Your items will stand out much more starkly against the crimson red liner, making it child’s play to spot the item you need and go. This gym bag is also ideal for carrying all your sports accessories, like your gym outfits, toiletries, towels, and even your laptop! Despite its compact design, it has more than enough space to fit all your gym essentials, like your gym clothes, shoes, phone, and so on, and it’s a gym bag with a yoga mat holder. Your gym bag should also be durable and able to withstand fairly frequent use, which The Accel excels at. This bag is made from top quality materials and offers excellent back padding, so you won’t get any uncomfortable chafing as you carry your bag to and fro. Not only is this gym bag functional, but it is also rather stylish. With numerous customizable pockets, the versatility to be used for travel gear, and the functionality of being a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, is there any reason not to spoil yourself and get yourself the gym bag that you deserve?
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