What Makes CrossFit Backpacks the Perfect Fit?

When you are heading to the gym for a CrossFit workout, you know that you have to take a lot of gear with you. With a lot of gear, you need a spacious CrossFit backpack, designed with ease of use in mind and made from quality materials to hold up to the punishment of a lot of gear and a lot of trips back and forth from the gym.

There are many different styles and designs of bags for those that enjoy workouts, but nothing works as well as a backpack, so what makes a CrossFit backpack the perfect fit for your strenuous workout?

Functionality to Make Life Easier

A CrossFit backpack that is perfect for your CrossFit workouts is going to need functionality that will make lugging your gear around easier—and that will prevent odors from spreading to all of your gear. You want a lot of space for all your gear, from towels and mats to first aid kids, athletic tape, jump rope, water bottles, and a plethora of other items you’ll want on hand for your CrossFit workout. With compartmentalization within the backpack, you’ll be able to safely separate your support gear from your used laundry after the workout; you don’t want everything you have in the backpack smelling like sweat and hard work. You’ll want a backpack that has a special shoe compartment, as well, since the smell of sweaty feet is a strong odor and is sometimes tough to get out quickly after a workout. You’ll also ideally want a couple bottle holders that are quick to access as well; you need to keep hydrated while you are working out, but you also need that carb and protein drink on hand for after your workout to recoup your glycogen levels, vitamins, and minerals. Finally, with modern living, a padded compartment for storing your laptop or phone is ideal, especially if you are going to the gym right after work.

The Blend of Strength and Comfort

By looking for a CrossFit backpack with a perfect blend of strength and comfort, you’ll find the perfect companion to help carry all the gear you need for your CrossFit workouts. The perfect CrossFit backpack is going to be built with top-grade ballistic nylon; it will be lightweight, but also very durable and weather resistant. As well, you’ll be looking for a good quality poly liner that can be wiped clean often to keep odors under control. For comfort in carrying around your bag, ensure the backpack you choose is ergonomically balanced and has adjustable, premium shoulder straps that have extra padding for all the gear you’ll be carrying.

The Perfect Size for Your Needs

There’s nothing wrong with using a duffel; many people do. A CrossFit backpack, however, is going to provide functionality and comfort while also being the right size for all the gear you need to bring for your CrossFit workout. Oversized duffels can be a hassle to carry around, especially if you are coming straight from work or school; but with a backpack, you can carry your electronics and have enough space for all your workout gear and support gear.

It used to be hard to find the right sized CrossFit backpack, but Live Well 360 makes the ideal sized CrossFit backpack that blends strength and comfort with functionality to create the perfect fit for your CrossFit workout regime.

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