What to Look for When Buying a Girls Gym Bag

Finding a girls’ gym bag that suits your needs and also matches your personality is important when choosing amongst the many products currently on the market. Live Well 360’s The Accel bag combines design and functionality all-in-one. No matter your color palette or personal fashion sense, The Accel bag will please anyone’s taste and style. It’s gained attention as the ‘ideal companion for trips to the gym or studio.’ Don’t settle for anything less, our girls gym bag provides quality construction and practicality. You’ll love the sleek design and versatility of this top selling bag. What to look for in a gym bag? You lead a busy life. Finding the time to go to yoga or the gym can be complicated, so having the right girls’ gym bag is essential to making your life easier. At Live Well 360, we construct quality bags that compliment every style and personality. We understand that ease of use and functionality are key factors when it comes to buying a girls’ gym bag. That’s why we designed The Accel yoga mat bag. Versatility The Accel bag can be used as daily, from the office to the gym. It compliments any look, from casual to business attire. You live a busy life, so your gym bag shouldn’t be complicated. The Accel stores your keys, phone, wallet and so much more. Our girls’ gym bag is constructed with four pockets on the inside, so your things won’t get lost or fall out. The Accel bag also can be used for non-yoga items, so it’s very versatile. From morning to night, this can be your every day go-to bag! Fashion meets function This smartly designed girls gym bag is available in basic black, which means clean-up is a breeze and the bag will always look sharp. The interior is a bright crimson red, so you can find your items quickly without things disappearing into the ‘black hole.’ Our girls’ gym bag also includes functional and practical storage pockets and features the first-ever quick release yoga mat attachment. The compact size means no more lugging around a heavy, bulky gym bag. This showstopper will turn heads and you’ll have people asking, “where did you buy your gym bag?” Quality construction Our Accel bag is made from lightweight, top¬-grade ballistic nylon ensuring it’s durable and easy to clean. Reinforced by durable metal hardware and plush back padding with premium seatbelt strip trims, The Accel is by far one of the most well-built girls’ gym bags on the market. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to buying a gym bag. Choose one that is built to last and looks good! The LiveWell360 difference Our line of quality bags has evolved over the years. What started out as one bag has turned into an exclusive line of premium yoga mat bags and other gym/fitness bags. We create functional, yet fashionable yoga mat bags, and our standards are high – we never settle for mediocre quality. We are dedicated to producing a premium product reflective of our high standards and mission of ‘recreating gym bags for the modern and active lifestyle.’ Our girls’ gym bags are built for active lifestyles and for people on the go. Check out our full product line – we’re sure you’ll love our bags as much as we do!
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