What’s in My Gym Bag? 13 Gym Bag Must Haves

What’s in My Gym Bag? Lindsay Cotter shares her top 13 gym bag essentials!

Ten years ago I became a fitness instructor. Nine years ago I got my Personal Training certification. Gosh, time really flies when you’re having fun, right? Needless to say, I’ve had my share of gym bags.

Many of them only lasted a few months then slowly deteriorated. Last year I received my first Live Well 360 bag and now have all three styles (Luxx, Core, and Accel), and I am happy to say they are HERE TO STAY! I’m so in love with these bags. They are seriously the Armani of gym bags and/or travel bags. Durable, fashionable, spacious, and the Luxx and Core even have a compartment for your stinky clothes, phew! I usually do a top 10 list, but these are must haves, so I added a few extra.

My 13 MUST HAVE Gym Bag and/or Travel Bag Essentials

  1. iPod nano For teaching classes and running on the treadmill.
  2. Antibacterial wipes I don’t leave home without them. They become extra handy when I hit the trails and use the porta potty. Just sayin…
  3. True Lemon Lemonade This natural lemon flavoring is HEAVENLY after sweating it out at the gym. I LOVE it in my water.
  4. Polar GPS and Heart rate monitor Lifesaver when I want to try a different running route or when I want to measure my progress with interval training.
  5. Vanilla perfume spray Let’s face it, I get stinky after teaching. I need this!
  6. Mini deodorant See above.
  7. Allegra Austin, Texas allergies are really bad. I always keep this around for when I do outdoor bootcamps, run trails, etc.
  8. Razor For when I need a quick shower and shave post workout.
  9. Dry shampoo Another lifesaver! I use this about 3 times a week for in between washes and quick showers.
  10. Running sunglasses Lightweight and easy to run or workout in.
  11. Extra pair of socks Just in case.
  12. Lip gloss with SPF For when I want to feel pretty… just because.
  13. Contact card I also use these. Especially when I travel. Just in case I misplace my bag. It’s happened before. Haha.
There you have it, my gym bag essentials.
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