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5 Winter Travel Destinations for the Gym Rat in 2019

Now that winter is here it means that we need to take some vacations and visit some warm places! There are so many amazing winter travel destinations to choose form especially once that incorporate workouts and fitness! So let’s dive into our Top-5 winter travel destinations for the gym rat in 2019!

S10 in Nosara Beach

S10 is a newly launched retreat on 25 acres bordering Nosara Beach. It is the perfect place to get away this winter and even stay fit and in shape! They offer outdoor squat racks, obstacle course, and a schedule of weight-intensive workouts with lots of kettle bells paired up with evening sprints or tire flipping. The focus here is on training the same muscle groups twice a day in a 12-hour window to strengthen and condition them before real fatigue sets in. When it does, you can rest up in one of the 20 villas on the property with chef prepped meals and fill the hours between training sessions with massages, snorkeling, surfing, zip-lining, or swimming. It really is a great travel destination to check out!

Playa Grande, the Class

The Dominican Republic beaches are drawing gym rats addicted to releasing stress during two-hour cathartic sessions of The Class with founder Taryn Toomey. They are then followed by afternoons filled with lower-body-focused yin yoga led by Heather Lilleston. The focus is on breathing, shaking out arms and legs, and springing off the floor to build strong muscle, all while ensconced at the Celerie Kemble–designed French colonial bungalows of the Playa Grande Beach Club. It’s a definite must visit destination.

Hiking in Napa Valley

There are trails lined with massive trees beneath Northern California’s Mayacamas Mountains. The Meadowood Napa Valley’s 90-minute Eco-Fitness classes include stops along the uphill paths for shoulder presses, bicep curls, skip jumps, and sprints. Cool downs can be held on the meditative spiral before booking a suite at the newly opened Meadowood Spa for a stress-relieving hot-stone massage and black-walnut scrub paired with a vegetable-based dish from the spa’s new culinary menu. Between sessions, we’d suggest curling up in one of the resort’s cozy private cottages or biking down the Silverado Trail to taste antioxidant-rich cabernets at nearby wineries. It’s a fantastic spot to check out!

Yogaworks in Peru’s Sacred Valley

There are agricultural terraces surround Peru’s lush Sacred Valley, where rigorous morning vinyasa classes led by California-based instructor Nicolette David are followed by restorative sessions that keep limbs feeling loose. The class focuses on creating an uninterrupted flow from one asana to the next with Pranayama breathing workshops and inversion classes at this YogaWorks getaway. Local guides lead tours to pre-Incan salt mines, Andean textile spinners, and a celebratory Despacho ceremony for meditative reflection and gratitude as the New Year arrives.

Mile High Run Club, St.Lucia

Amazing views of the Atlantic offer a lower-impact option for toning hamstrings and training calf muscles during workouts with coaches from New York’s Mile High Run Club. Strength-building challenges take place on Cap Maison’s secluded beach, and cliff-top tropical garden. And runners will have the option to partake in endurance-boosting miles on St. Lucia’s trails.

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There are so many more winter travel destinations to visit! Next time you are looking for a place to visit don’t forget to come back and check our top winter travel destinations for the gym rat! We wish you a great Happy New Year’s and many great new adventures in 2019!

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