Women’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment: Things to Look for While Buying!

If you are in the market to find a new womens gym bag with shoe compartment for yourself, then you may need to know what to look for while searching. There are so many different bags out there to choose from, so how do you know what is right for you? Do you want to get a duffle style with a strap? Maybe a tote or even a backpack style? What kind of compartments should you be looking for in your bags, or how much space?

Style to Match Your Life

The style of women’s gym bag with shoe compartment should be one of the first things you are considering when buying a new bag for yourself. Many bags have compartments, quality materials, or special features, but if the bag doesn’t match how you live, and how you plan to carry it, it is going to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Women’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

If you are a professional business woman that needs to carry your office items (such as a laptop) for the day, and also their gym apparel for after work, then the strap design of The Luxx would be for you. Having a strap allows you to carry your bag over your shoulder with ease during commutes. If you are the adventurous type that will be wanting to take your gym bag on hikes often, then a backpack style is going to be more suited to you.

Need a bag that is ready to join you on a business trip? A duffel is going to give you the extra space to pack a week’s worth of business clothes, along with the clothes you need to continue your workout or yoga schedule.

Compartment Rich

Any women’s gym bag with shoe compartment is going to need to be compartment rich to separate items in order to protect them properly. You want a bag that is going to have its own shoe or dirty clothes compartment to ensure your clean clothing is protected. A padded laptop or electronics compartment is going to be handy to protect your technology from jostling and impacts. Water bottle compartments on the outside are good so you always have easy access to water during workouts. Various quick access pockets on the outside, or inside that can be secured are great for travelling; easy access to your passport and IDs for airport checks.

Robust and Quality Materials

Nothing can get you down more than buying a new women’s gym bag with shoe compartment only to have it tear within the first few months of use. When looking for a new small gym bags for women, always look for one that has the best materials that can stand up to the wear and tear of commuting to and from the gym, or out on business. Ballistic grade nylon is used on all Livewell360 bags, including The Luxx, a material that stands up to the elements, and is easy to wipe clean. A quality liner that can be cleaned easily is good to keep smells under control, and everything inside padded and safe. Reinforced metal hardware for zippers and straps ensures they aren’t going to break when out and about.

Ease of Carrying

After selecting the right women’s gym bag with shoe compartment for your lifestyle, make sure that the straps and handles are comfortable and padded to make carrying around your bag easy.

LiveWell360 provides a great selection of women’s gym bag with shoe compartment, visit the website today and select a style that matches your lifestyle.

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