Workout Tips for Busy Professionals

Workout Tips for Busy Professionals

If you ask people their number one reason for not working out, you're likely going to hear one answer: "I have no time!" Can you relate? It seems as though most people avoid doing regular workouts because they just can't seem to find an open and available spot in their schedules. Fortunately, workouts can be squeezed into even the busiest of schedules -- if you know how to maximize your workout time and understand what to focus on. To help you achieve a regular workout, even with an insane schedule, we've scoured the web for the best tips and tricks and compiled them here for you.

Pick a Focus Each Workout Day

In this article on Lifehacker, the author suggests choosing an area of focus for each of your workout days and keep your workouts shorter. For example, Monday might be a legs day whereas Tuesday might focus on upper body. If you go into your daily workouts with one area of focus, you can minimize the time spent working out while still seeing results. The best results are had with intentional, focused exercises so choosing one area of focus for your workout will net you results over the long-term.

Get Accountability

One of the best ways to ensure that we follow through on anything in life is to get an accountability partner. If you have a coworker or a friend that may want to also squeeze in a few workouts per week, ask them to buddy up with you and set a regular meeting time at the gym. Here's the best part: you'll get that workout in AND you'll also sneak in some social time so it's really a win-win!

Be Strategic with Your Physical Exercise

A lot of people think that getting in physical exercise has to mean spending long hours sweating it out in a gym. However, for a busy professional, that may not always be possible. Instead of focusing on the act of going indoors (ie: going into the gym), think about how you can incorporate physical exercise into your daily routine. For example, rather than taking the bus or driving, walk to work if you can. Or, skip out on evening snacks and TV and go for a nice long walk or a hike. You'll feel 10x better if you get up and get your blood pumping and it won't even feel like exercise! So, what's your favorite way to sneak in your workouts as a busy professional? Leave it in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page. Rid Yourself ofBag Envy... (1)
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