Yoga Mat Bags - Why You Need One!

Summer may soon be on the way out, but yoga is a 365-day-a-year activity that is great for your body and mind. While a lot of people do yoga within the comfort of their own home, you may be one of many people that have chosen to join a yoga class at your local gym, or maybe you do your yoga on the beach, or in the wilds of nature, to find your serenity. Where ever you do your yoga outside your home, a yoga mat bag is a must-have to accompany your yoga mat. There are many to choose from; whether you are looking for wonderful design styles and quality materials or for a bag with a lot of functionality, there is a bag for you. Bring All You Need The biggest reason to get yourself a yoga mat bag is the fact that you are going to have room for everything you need wherever you go to do your yoga meditations and exercises. With a good bag, you are going to have lots of room and separated compartments for various items that you may need. With different compartments, you can keep your used towels and clothing separated from other items. That way, you won’t transfer the smells to your clean clothes, electronics, or other items. Some bags will include padded compartments, which are perfect if you plan on reading from your Kindle/iPad/books after your yoga routine. A compartment for your water bottles is a great idea to keep it clean for when you need to hydrate. Most importantly, you’re going to want a quality strap for holding your yoga mat; most will use Velcro, for great adjustability, and clips, for quick release from the bag and ease of use. Designs for All Lifestyles Whether you are a gym junkie or a weekend warrior, you’ll find the style of yoga mat bag that best suits you. There are many options available, including handheld, shoulder strapped, or backpack style. Each design has its own conveniences when it comes to moving around with them, whether you are just going to the gym, for a hike, or even on a long trip with your bag. Quality You Can’t Pass Up Looking for a good quality yoga mat bag that suits you will have you looking at a lot of designs, but what you should care about more than design and style is the quality of the build and materials. You don’t want a bag that is going to absorb smells and hold on to them forever; you won’t want to use it after a few trips to the fitness center with it. There are a lot of materials you can get bags in, from cotton to polyester, or you could go with some of the best materials and get a bag like The Accel, which uses lightweight, top-grade ballistic nylon. No matter the material you get your bag in, make sure that it is going to be easy to clean and maintain in pristine condition so that it’ll last you for years. Another important quality issue for bags is how you are you going to carry them. You’ll want a bag with good quality straps that can handle the use over time. As well, if you are using a bag with shoulder or back straps, good quality padding that is durable is going to be key to your comfort. Look Around for What’s Best for You If you have been convinced that a yoga mat bag is essential for you, then make your first stop be to Livewell 360 and check out The Accel, or the many other bags they have available today.
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