You Are A Deliberate Creator

Our mental outlook is a HUGE part of reaching our goals and living a life of wellness. Sometimes this notion can seem obvious, however, other times it may be easy for us to forget. When I say "mental outlook", I am talking not only about climbing the hill, so to speak, but also about so much more than just pushing yourself when the going gets tough. The mental portion of wellness is truly about changing your perspective right down to your core. It's about looking at life in general through a completely different colored lens. Now, as quickly as I say there is a direct correlation between our attitude and our entire life experience, you might respond with, "Well, yes being positive is all well and good, but the reality is what it is". Yes, there are factors that happen around us that we cannot control but even so, we are deliberate creators, whether we know it, believe it, or see it. We ultimately control our reaction and ourthoughts in response to this "reality" and that idea can be a very powerful realization if you allow it. So here is where I ask: How do you feel about being a deliberate creator? I, personally, get the warm and fuzzies deep down in my stomach when I think about it because I know without a doubt that the sky is the limit. Somehow, our society, our culture, has gotten so far off track. Day after day, we focus on what is bad. We make small talk by discussing things that irritate us or make us angry. We focus on fear rather than inspiration. We complain. We complain about complaining even. What we don’t realize is that the only person that suffers from thoughts like these (besides the person we are “venting" to), is ourselves. It is really a simple question. Which is more fun - a life spent in fear, or a life spent in hope and appreciation for what we do have? Seems like a no-brainer, but then why do so many of us choose the first option? Life is supposed to be good and I believe we all need a bit of a realignment with that thought. And so, here at Live Well 360, we intend to drive that message home and teach how health and wellness is so much bigger than the diet that you eat and the exercises that you perform. It’s time to stop stifling our power. It’s time to begin living the life that we were meant to live. We are ready. So now the only question left is: Are you going to join us?
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