Your Fitness Sabotages Solved: Part 2

Fitness Sabotage: The top 3 ways to get past your biggest doubts and fears so you can get on with making health and fitness simply a part of who you are.

In Part 1 we talked about the 4 biggest fears behind why we sabotage our health and fitness results. Now let's cover the top 3 ways to get past your biggest doubts and fears so you can get on with living the life of your dreams. As the saying goes, in order to get different results, you've got to do something different.

1. Get Clear: There Is A Better Way

Make a decision that there has to be a better way. Even if you don't know the exact plan yet that is going to get you to where you want to be, make a declaration to yourself that it is possible to have what you want, you CAN do it, and there is a better way than cycling in your doubts and fears forever. Want proof? Listen to Ryan's story. "There is great power in telling yourself that you are ready to make a change." -- Click to Tweet Bonus Points: Check out the Live Well 360 Creedand sign your name to the bottom, making a commitment to yourself to aim to live well in every way.

2. Get Out of Your Own Way

When you start hearing the doubts and fears rise up in your mind or come out of your mouth, stop them in their tracks and notice what is really going on. What's causing this fear to arise? What is happening in that moment that is causing you to resist stepping up to this new level? Sabotaging yourself by not making time for your priorities, eating ten cookies instead of just one, making choices that are not healthy for your body and mind… these are all surface issues. Don't get distracted by these. The root issue is on an emotional level, which most of us don't pay much attention to. We have shiny object syndrome trying to fix ourselves with all of the latest and greatest quick fix tips, when the answer simply lies in awareness, a little introspection, and a LOT of letting go of trying so hard to control everything. Relax. Your body functions at optimal levels when you are not so stressed. So, in other words, stressing out over trying to "fix" yourself just keeps you unfixed. Focus on awareness. Pay attention to what you are doing and why. Only when you start becoming consciously aware of what you are doing, can you make positive changes. Otherwise you are just running around living according to the old paradigms (and you just keep sabotaging yourself) without even realizing it.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success

Don't wait until you jump out of the airplane to look for your parachute. Plan ahead of time. Carve out time in your calendar for meal prep. Put your workouts into your calendar too and treat them as you would any VIP appointment. Make time to take care of your body, and your body will take good care of you. Another great way to set yourself up for success, is to surround yourself with people that live by the same values as you do. And don't stop with just people. Invest in tools and gear that make health and fitness easier and more fun. Think about it, we invest our time and our money in the things we value most. Put your attention consciously on what really matters to you most and prioritize accordingly. If you make these changes, the results will start showing up. Your body is an amazing machineand you truly do have the power to mold it like clay into what you want it to be. You've just got to get past those fears and doubts, so you can support it in working like it's made to work! TAKE ACTION: What's one thing you learned from this article that you are going to put into action starting today?
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