How To Overcome Complacency

If you’ve ever felt the need to overcome complacency in your life, I’m sure you’ve wondered what’s the secret with happy people. How do they get up in the morning and seem so jazzed about their day?
You often hear other non-happy people say things like:
  • I’m just keepin’ on, keepin’ on
  • Just getting by
  • Working for the weekend
  • TGIF!
The truth is, I don’t think anyone is immune to feeling like this at one time or another (even happy people), especially when the schedule gets really hectic or the stress meter hits the max. But life doesn’t have to be this way. Here, I share a section out of the book, The Optimist Creed and Other Inspirational Classics by Christian D. Larson about how bringing more of your spirit into your real word, daily life is the key to overcoming complacency. You weren’t put on this planet to just get by until you die. You are meant to THRIVE. You deserve an amazing life and the trick to getting that amazing life is to stop putting up with complacency and start realizing that you are so much more than just a person, who does this job, has this body, this heredity, has these limitations, etc. Think about it. Everyone worries about dying of things like cancer or heart disease. What about dying from complacency? When someone is unhappy with their life, do they look very healthy? They sure don’t! Spirit is the missing link in an unfulfilling life. When you aren’t connected to spirit, or in other words, something greater than yourself (which often feels like something flowing through you), then you aren’t inspired. And when you aren’t inspired, that’s when you get bored, frustrated, unhappy, and maybe even depressed. People always ask me for help with motivation. I say, you don’t need motivation because motivation comes from something outside of yourself. What you need is inspiration, because that comes from within, and once you get ahold of it… it’s unlimited. Get the scoop and then TAKE ACTION! Leave a comment below sharing how you are or will begin tapping into the spirit part of you more.


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