Be a LiveWell360
Brand Ambassador

LiveWell360 provides an excellent monetizing opportunity for you!

What do LiveWell360
Brand Ambassadors do?

Our brand ambassadors are men and women who have a passion for staying in shape and show our products in action! As a brand ambassador, you also enjoy sharing your passion on social media, where you share your expertise and experience with your followers.

Why Join?

  • Discounted or Free products

    Ambassadors have the opportunity to get discounts as high as 50% or even free LiveWell360 products.

  • Monetize your following

    Money may not be your number one motivator, but we provide a competitive commission for all sales coming from your social media accounts.

  • Inform your followers

    Your followers look up to you as they try to accomplish their fitness goals with the best equipment that fits their lifestyles.

  • Blogging Opportunities

    Share your passion for fitness by writing guest posts on our blog.

What do I need to be a
LiveWell360 ambassador?

  • Active social media accounts

    You should have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

  • An engaged social media following

    It’s great to have many followers. But it’s more important that your followers respond to your content.

  • A passion for fitness

    The LiveWell360 product line fits all fitness enthusiasts, whether you are into CrossFit, lifting, running, yoga, or Pilates.

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