10 Fall Gift Ideas for the Gym Rat

10 Fall Gift Ideas for the Gym Rat

Do you have a friend that loves working out and you never know what to get them as a gift?! Or do you even love working out and want to treat yourself to a well-deserved fall gift?! Well, we have the top 10 fall gift ideas for the gym rat! And there is a product for everything that you may need or want in the gym.

1. LiveWell 360, The Robyn

We have way too many things thrown into our gym bag that end up on the bottom of it that we don’t see for several years! The Robyn is the best bag for travel and the gym because you can keep the small items you have thrown around in your bag in one place. It is super durable and has a sturdy exterior so don’t be afraid to throw it in your bag, nothing will happen to it! It’s even perfect if you have kids and need to bring baby products with you.

2. Sweaty Bands

Who doesn’t ever get to the gym and forget a headband and can’t get through the workout with hair in their face?! We all have been there and know just how important it is to have your hair out of your face during a workout. Sweaty Bands has a great selection of headbands with a variety of colors! Perfect for all those sweaty, hard workouts! And it will definitely keep your hair out of your way.

3. Muslin Face Cloth for Cleansing

These cleansing cloths are perfect for after the gym or even before! They keep your skin glowy and dewy and completely remove your makeup, which is perfect right before your workout! If you have a female friend that loves wearing makeup but also loves working out this is the perfect gift idea for them! They will keep your skin clean and fresh, and also work on creating glow in your skin!

4. FlapJacked Protein Pancakes

We all know someone who loves protein powder and pancakes, so why not combine them?! This is the perfect gift idea for someone who wants to stay healthy but also wants a yummy breakfast. The great thing is the pancake mix come in a variety of flavors from: cinnamon apple, buttermilk, and banana hazelnut. So there is definitely a flavor for every girl out there!

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

Again working out, sweat and hair is not the most ideal combination but Drybar Detox dry shampoo will save the day! It is the best hair product to help soak up the oil produced in your hair from sweating. With a few quick sprays and even a blow dry your hair will look freshly washed, and smell and feel amazing! So give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose; you may end up having perfect hair right after a tough workout!

6. Oster My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

Do you know a girl that loves making shakes or smoothies for breakfast?! The Oster my blend is the perfect personal smoothie blender for the gym rat! You can make protein shakes, and smoothies in this amazing blender. And the best part, well you can make personal-sized smoothies right in the jar, which you can use as your container! It’s an all in one perfect gift!

7. Count Me Healthy Original Journal Bracelet

This is the perfect accessory for the female gym rat as it’s also super fashionable and gym-friendly. It is an elegant tracker, which basically tracks the amount of water you have had and how many veggies you’ve had! The bracelet is also pretty perfect as it is adorable to wear.

Furthermore, it looks like a normal bracelet, but can track everything you need for the gym and living a healthy lifestyle. The Count Me Healthy Original Journal Bracelet is the perfect fall gift (in addition to what LIVE WELL 360 offers of course)!

8. TRX Go Suspension Trainer

Do you ever not have time to go to the gym because of work or even the kids?! Well why not bring the workout to you! Try using the TRX go suspension trainer, it’s perfect when you are traveling or don’t have time to make it to the gym. And you can get a full body workout with the TRX, which is perfect if you are looking for a gift that is able to give you different workouts with one piece of equipment.

9. Invisibobble Hair Rings

These hair ties are perfect to leave your hair kink-free after a workout and can double as a bracelet! It’s perfect for the active women who are looking for something fashionable and practical. And the other great thing is that you won’t ruin your hair, which we know how much pulling your hair back into a ponytail can actually damage your hair and your hairstyle. So now you have the perfect fall gift to give to yourself or another female gym rat that is need of these amazing and practical hair ties!

10. Altra Torin 3.0 Women’s Neutral-Road

We all know we are all looking for an amazing pair of shoes for the gym and outdoors, but haven’t found the best ones yet! We have the Altra Torin 3.0 shoes, which are perfect and just for women in the gym!! They offer support and stability, which are both needed for the female runner! It is specifically made for women and their feet, which means they are custom tailored to your foot shape and arch! It's definitely the best gift to get for your female gym rat or yourself! (* * *) We hope you loved our top 10 Fall gift ideas for the gym rat!! We have included everything from hair products, to skincare to even shoes! There is something for every gym rat and the perfect present ideas to give to them. So next time you need to give someone a gift who loves working out, don’t forget to read our list of our favorites!

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