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We fuse modern design with premium materials to create the highest quality Travel & Fitness bags on the planet.


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    The LUXX is both functional and sophisticated. It's Fit for Everything!

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Does your gym bag keep letting you down? We know what that’s like. Like you, we’re tired of ugly, one-size-won’t-fit-all gym bags for men or women that don’t hold up to the level of wear they get—gym bags that don’t meet the needs of the average fitness enthusiast. That’s why we created our own line of fitness bags. Made from high quality materials with high function and high fashion in mind, our gym bags for women and men offer you the quality and variety you need to never have to settle for a mediocre gym bag again. But enough of us telling you about how awesome our gym bags are; let us show you what it is that makes our fitness bags so revolutionary instead.

We sell gym bags for men and women that are designed to match your lifestyle.

We’re beyond making products work for our lifestyle—after all, why buy a product if you need to make your fitness style accommodate its utility? Shouldn’t gym bags for men and women accommodate whatever we need to use it for? In this day and age, we like our belongings to be as specialized as we are. For us, that meant designing gym bags for women and men that were efficient for the different types of use they were going to get. Let’s look at a few examples:

- If yoga is your choice fitness style, then why settle for a bag that isn’t even able to hold your yoga mat? You need gym bags for women and men that offer separate compartments so you can keep your yoga towel separate from your fresh change of clothes, that has safe pockets for your keys and wallet, and that allows you to properly secure your yoga mat so you don’t have to juggle your way home. You need a gym bag like The Luxx.

- Is hiking more your style? If so, you probably aren’t going to be as interested in over-the-shoulder gym bags for men or women; you’ll want a fitness bag you can wear—one that will feel comfortable, secure, and that will be trim enough to avoid getting snagged on any stray branches. A fitness bag like The Backpack is made from strong fabric that won’t tear, and it offers intuitive pockets with an oversized main compartment for whatever you need to carry with you.

Whatever your fitness goals or travel needs, we have a bag that can help you get there.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t want to have to compromise on your fitness equipment. You need gym bags for men and women that can be as versatile as you need them to be. Whether you need a bag that is tough enough to take along on the roughest of outdoor adventures, or whether you need gym bags for women and men that can look as professional as they are athletically functional so you can transition from work to workout as easily as you’d like, we have the gym bags that reflect the highest quality and standards. Take a look at our full product line to see what your workout has been missing.