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  • Backpack with shoe compartment
  • Has a padded laptop compartment
  • Perfect for hiking, gym, workout as well as office/school
  • Extremely durable and made with ballistic nylon
  • Lightweight with multiple compartments

A state-of-the-art companion that is tough as nails and carries it all. Equipped with a uniquely designed oversized main compartment and an array of intuitive pockets, including a separate vented shoe and laundry chamber and a padded laptop compartment, our Backpack is tough enough for your workout and smooth enough for a day at the office.


Weight: 3 lbs.

Base Width: 13"

Height: 22"

Length: 8"


Exterior: Crafted from lightweight top-grade ballistic nylon.

Interior: Lined with signature maroon poly liner, signature logo stitched.

Quality: Extra & padded premium shoulder straps (adjustable).


Water & Wipe: We recommend using a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt or residue.

Spot Cleaning: If needed, we suggest spot cleaning the bag, but only with water or a mild soap. However, test a small area of the bag with the mild soap first before applying all over just to avoid any damage.


Here is a video what THE BACKPACK can fit:

Even if you don’t hit the gym seven days a week, you still deserve to workout in style. It’s time to say goodbye to that flimsy tote you’ve been carrying around for years, the one that also doubles as a shopping bag and purse, or the thrifted gem you just can’t seem to let go of even though the zipper has never worked. While you don’t have to break the bank to find a trusty workout companion that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle and doesn’t clash with your style, it is important to think of a gym bag as an investment. After all, investing in a functional backpack that’s easy on the eyes and your body will only make sticking to your workout schedule easier. It also means you’ll save more money down the line because you won’t have to keep on buying replacements for your backpack duds. This women's gym backpack with shoe compartment uses premium ballistic nylon that can stand up to the elements without weighing you down and features extra padding on the shoulder straps for ultimate comfort.

A new women's gym backpack with a separate shoe compartment that is also big enough to carry your clothes, toiletries, and food means you have everything you need for the day in one place. Now you can get your daily dose of cardio in before heading to the office or your co-worker’s dinner party. Plus, the sleek and minimal design of this women’s gym backpack means you will never stand out no matter what environment you are in! You don’t have to stress about commuting home to change before meeting up with your friends for drinks because no one will be staring at your bulky crossfit backpack. The all-black design makes it easy to pair with anything you are wearing.

But it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts! This women’s gym backpack is equipped with two exterior front compartments for easy and quick access, a fleece-lined pocket to protect your more valuable or fragile belongings, and a large dual exterior pocket that is perfect for water bottles or shaker cups. Once you unzip our crossfit backpack, you will find two internal pockets that perfectly store your laptop, tablets, or textbooks! Since you will be transporting liquids and post-workout snacks, it’s essential that your bag is resistant to mold and easy to clean. The signature poly liner, in our signature red swirl embroidery, can be easily and quickly wiped down to remove any excess dirt or residue.

Are you finding it difficult to squeeze a workout into your hectic schedule? Have you been traveling more than usual? Your roomy gym backpack is much more versatile than you think. Not only can it double as a travel bag but you can also use it as a workout tool! All you have to do is fill up two or three reservoirs with water or sand, and you can take your bootcamp or lifting workout wherever you would like. This women’s gym backpack is as multi-functional as it is stylish!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Thomas Smith

It was all fantastic! The product was in perfect condition and just what I needed. The service in the shipping were excellent. Thank you so much and keep up the good work

Michelle Karasek
Excellent Quality/Efficient Design

I just received "The Backpack" today! As an Army officer, I am so excited to use this high quality and efficiently designed backpack. Thanks, Michelle Karasek

Lisa W
The Backpack

Lots of zippered pockets, love how sturdy it is; just like my other bags I own from LW 360. Only downside: I wish there was a separate zippered compartment in the large section of the bag. The back compartment is very large with no structure, especially with the shoe compartment protruding through the bag.

Mia Steninge
haven`t received the bag even though I have been charged for the purchase

I haven`t receieved the bag but I have been charged for the purchase.

Arcanum Architecture Bridget
Good back pack but didn't suit my needs as a gym bag

This bag is well made and has many features but ultimately does not work for my purposes.

I had purchased this bag as a gym bag / back pack. The features I was really looking for were a shoe compartment and a separate compartment for my dirty gym clothes. I thought with all the extra compartments I could make it work but there weren't optimal. The shoe compartment is not vented and is a collapsible section inside the backpack. So if you have things in your bag when you take your shoes out you are going to have issues putting them back into the bag as everything will shift into the space where the shoes were.

Ultimately I decided that it was a lot of money to spend and if it wasn't perfect for me I should return it, so I did.

Great quality

I am satisfied with my purchase.

Katerina A.
Exactly what I needed

Love the quality, the size and the fact that it fits everything I need - no more, no less. Hope we keep each other company for many active years to come.

NZ2165228 T.
Great backpack

Highly recommended

Dirk B.
Very well made and the

Very well made and the service was excellent!

Joy Chang

Love the different compartments