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Are you looking for a new method to monetize your website or social media following? Become an affiliate today!

What do LiveWell360
affiliates do?

Our affiliates are men and women who have a passion for staying in shape and show our products in action! As an affiliate, you also enjoy sharing your passion on your website via banners or on social media, where you share your expertise and experience with your followers.

Why Join?

  • Inform your followers

    Your followers look up to you as they try to accomplish their fitness goals with the best equipment that fits their lifestyles.

  • Competitive Commissions

    You could earn up to 20% of each sale by referring your visitors to us when they make a purchase.

How do you track purchases?
How do I get paid?

  • Analytics

    We provide you a custom link to your visitors and followers, which let us know when they purchase, even if they don’t do so right away?

  • Competitive Commissions

    We provide you login information so you can keep track of the number of people you are drawing to us. You can earn commissions up to 20%.

  • We pay you via PayPal

    Once a month, if you have more than $25 in commissions, we will send you a check.

What do I need to be a
LiveWell360 affiliate?

  • AN ACTIVE website

    You should have an active website with sufficient space for us to place an advertisement.

  • Social Media Following

    We provide you links to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts you have.

  • A passion for fitness

    We work best with website partners who have a passion for fitness and staying on-the-go.

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