Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

One of the biggest hassles of going to the gym to either work out or take a class is the fact that you have to lug around all the stuff you’ll need for it. From spare clothes to toiletries, towels to electronics, you want a bag that can hold it all securely, without spreading the smells from your used stuff after the gym visit. 

Why Is a Regular Gym Bag No Longer Enough?

The fitness regime of most people is fairly straightforward: a simple workout at the gym and then back home. However, many of these same people also lead busy lives, whether that life includes school or work, and juggling multiple bags is an unnecessary complication. 

This is why a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, is perfect for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. It should have numerous compartments, like for laptops, as well as numerous easy-to-access pockets where you can store your more frequently used items. 

Additionally, it needs to be made of superior materials that help mask the smell of sweaty clothes. If this is sounding good, then it’s time to retire your old, smelly gym bag in exchange for a new gym bag with a yoga mat holder. 

LiveWell360 has a selection of the best gym bags with yoga mat holders to hold all the stuff you could want to bring! 

Factors to consider when choosing a perfect gym bag with Yoga Mat Holder

  1. The Right Size

    The first thing to consider when you are shopping for a yoga mat and bag is size. Mats come in a wide variety of sizes so finding the right length to accommodate your body won’t be a challenge. Just ensure that the mat you pick is not too short or else you will end up kissing the ground during your practice. Once you have found the perfect size mat, it is also important that you pick the right-sized yoga mat bag. You want to make sure your bag can hold your mat, towel, and clothes. 

  2. Multiple Use Bag

    Instead of investing in multiple bags, consider purchasing one larger gym bag with a yoga mat holder that can serve as a work bag, purse, and gym bag all in one. Chose a bag with convenient pockets, separators, and removable straps. Larger gym bags with yoga mat holders can also be used a great travel bag. The extra pockets are perfect for keeping your necessities organized. Whether it is a yoga retreat or a weekend getaway with friends, larger gym bags are great for travel.

  3. Material

    The material that your yoga mat is made of not only dictates the texture but also stickiness, sponginess, durability, and eco-friendliness. Most standard mats are made of PVC, also known as vinyl, which will endure wear and tear for more than a decade. This option also yields the most to pressure. However, newer options include recycled rubber, jute, and organic or natural cotton. The same is true for your yoga mat bag. When shopping for a bag, it is important to choose a material that can stand the test of time. Both nylon and polyester are lightweight synthetic fabrics that are easy to care for, wrinkle resistant, stretch and shrink resistant, and fast drying. 

  4. Durability 

    Regardless of how much time you want to devote to your practice, durability is an important factor to consider when shopping for a yoga mat and bag. Whether you are hitting the studio after work or practicing at home, you need to be sure the material you choose can withstand some wear and tear. The trick to finding the perfect mat and bag is to consider both thickness and material. Without the proper cushioning, your body will most likely sink to the floor and add to your discomfort. Of course, the same goes for your yoga mat bag! You want to find something that is both comfortable and durable. You don’t want your yoga mat slipping out of your bag and you want to avoid having to replace your bag after only a few months.

  5. A quality spot for your yoga mat

    Of course, if you are buying a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, then you need a secure and quality spot for the mat itself. While some bags simply have a spot that the yoga mat can slide into, this isn’t always the most effective means. The mats can slide out if the material isn’t right, for example, or fall out if the straps aren’t secure. The best gym bags that feature a spot for a yoga mat have dual straps that are also adjustable and made from a textured material. That way, you can secure it in place better, and it is less likely to simply slide out as you go about your day.

  6. Lightweight construction for easy transport

    Gym bags can get heavy. A gym bag with a yoga mat holder can get even heavier, especially after you put in everything you need. That is why your gym bag shouldn’t be heavy all on its own: it will simply make everything far too heavy. Always look for a gym bag that is lightweight when empty so it doesn’t weigh you down.

  7. Pockets and other organizers

    Make up. Shoes. Gym clothes. Yoga mats. Phones. Electronics. Headphones. The list of things that go in any gym bag, especially a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, is long. So why get a bag that only has one or two pockets? That only means that you will be spending more and more time rifling around for what you need—and mixing your smelly gym stuff with the stuff you need in the outside world. Your gym bag should have pockets and compartments that keep things organized and help ensure you have what you need when you need it.

  8. Easy to Clean

    A good gym bag with a yoga mat holder should be easy for you to clean. This bag is supposed to make your life easier, and your workout should be at the gym rather than trying to remove stains. Pick a bag that can be quickly wiped down simply with water, or a mild soap when necessary. This will keep you away from buying expensive cleaning products, and overall make your gym experience less stressful.

  9. Comfortable shoulder straps and handles

    Even if your gym bag is super light, it can weigh you down if your straps aren’t comfortable. Always look for quality straps in a bag, with added padding in the spots where the bag will be resting on your body, whether you carry it with your hands or on your shoulder. Without the right padding, it will dig into you and make for an uncomfortable experience. And if you are uncomfortable, you will be less likely to go and enjoy your fitness experience.

    Style Don’t forget style when you’re shopping for a yoga mat bag. It should look good and help you to feel confident in your workout. A great bag should be easy to clean with a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep it looking great. Your yoga mat bag should be well-organized, durable, easy to use, and stylish. When shopping for a yoga mat bag, keep in mind these simple features and you’ll find a bag that will make getting to yoga class simple and easy. Visit our website to know more.

  10. Padded Compartment for Electronics

    If you are constantly on the go, then you definitely want to make sure that you have a safe spot to keep your electronics close while still having them protected. Have you ever dropped your bag with your phone inside? That usually sucks, but when using our yoga mat gym bag with a yoga mat holder it is very hard to break anything that's inside, especially when your valuables have been placed into the pocket that's specifically designed for electronics.

Advantages of Getting a Good Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

  • It’s Less Awkward

    Do you struggle trying to figure out which way to hold your yoga mat, fumbling with it under your arm? Using a gym bag with a yoga mat holder makes it much easier to carry all of your workout items. With one bag for all of your things, you won’t have your arms full--after all, you need to be able to open the door to the yoga studio! With a yoga mat carrier, you won’t have to worry about your yoga mat springing open, hitting people accidentally as you walk past, or trying to juggle all of your things. Yoga should be enjoyable, and gym bags with yoga mat holders can help eliminate a lot of your frustration!

  • It’s Not Too Expensive

    Many people don’t want to spend the money getting a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, but it’s a great investment, and not as expensive as you might think! There are a lot of quality brands that offer gym bags with yoga mat carriers even under fifty dollars, and simple carriers are even less. For something that is going to make your experience at the gym this much more pleasant, and that will last you a long time, that’s hardly any price to pay at all! Besides, if you’re taking up yoga, you’re likely going to need a gym bag anyway. Why not hit two birds with one stone?

  • Easier to Carry After a Long Day

    Yoga mats can be heavy, especially after an intense workout! Trying to hold it in your arms can be a huge deadweight. Putting the weight in a bag that straps over your shoulder is a much less exhausting way of carrying your bag post-workout than lugging it around under your arm.

  • Protecting Your Yoga Mat

    The main reason you would get a yoga mat bag is to protect your mat from damage as you are traveling, whether it’s to and from the gym, hiking to your favorite meditation spot, or even on a business trip. Whether you have your own vehicle and are throwing your gym bag in the trunk, using public transit, or even airplanes, a yoga mat bag with a good quality strap to hold your mat will protect it from being bent improperly, improving its longevity.

  • A place to store everything

    It always seems as though we have a lot of ‘stuff’ to haul around. Well, that’s because we do. We lead busy lives and are constantly running from home to the office and then to the gym. Or maybe it’s running around chasing kids all day, either way, we have ‘stuff.’ Keys, phone, wallet, make-up bag, brush, toiletries, runners – the list goes on. A good gym bag with a yoga mat holder will include pockets on the inside that zip closed, which makes having this ‘stuff’ manageable.

A few Yoga Bags to Consider

The Accel

The most compact of our designs is still perfect for the standard gym visit or a trip to yoga class. A highly fashionable shoulder bag, it will surely pack a punch and is the ideal gym bag with a yoga mat holder, complete with customizable compartment options, and a quick-release yoga mat or jacket attachment. 

The Core 2.0

A medium-sized gym bag with a yoga mat holder, it has fabulous form and intuitive function with a sleek solution-oriented design. You’ll find it has more interior space than the Accel with a vented expandable separate pocket for your dirty items. It also features a magnetic slip pocket for your phone and a pocket for fast-access items. 

The Luxx

A premium gym bag with a yoga mat holder, it boasts a larger interior space for everything you could need, including a separate compartment for dirty clothes and even shoes. Ideal for the summer adventurer that may need a week’s worth of outfits, but still is great for day-to-day gym use. 

LiveWell360 Has What You Need

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