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  • A Place For Everything
  • Travel Ready
  • Premium Materials


Weight: 1 lbs.

Base Width: 6"

Height: 14"

Length: 17"


Exterior: Crafted from lightweight top-grade ballistic nylon.

Interior: Signature Crimson Liner, Signature LW patch.

Quality: Reinforced by durable metal hardware, extra ­padded premium shoulder straps (adjustable).


Water & Wipe: We recommend using a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt or residue.

Spot Cleaning: If needed, we suggest spot cleaning the bag, but only with water or a mild soap. However, test a small area of the bag with the mild soap first before applying all over just to avoid any damage.


Our gym tote bags for women are a worthy investment that will help you have the best workout experience possible. We work to craft them at the highest quality and style, and to help make your life as convenient as possible.


Our gym tote bag makes it easier than ever to organize your gym essentials. It can be a huge hassle trying to find your phone (or anything else) in a bag stuffed full of clothes, towels, shoes, headphones, and all of your other workout necessities. With our gym tote bags for women, there are an array of pockets and sleeves to help you create the perfect, neat layout for your things. A gym tote bag is meant to make your life at the gym easier, and our gym totes give you the tools you need for a frustration-free workout experience.


Our gym tote bags for women are not only practical but at the peak of fashion. These totes will get you to the gym in style. After all, you’re more likely to go to the gym if you feel confident, and what better way to boost your gym confidence than to look stylish heading to your workout? It’s important to treat yourself, and our gym totes are the best addition you can make to your exercise aesthetic!

Easy to Carry

Our gym tote bags for women are a light-weight design and have dual straps that make it extremely comfortable to travel with. These women’s gym tote bags are designed to make it as easy on you as possible, especially after a long, tiring workout. A gym tote should not weigh you down, and luckily our gym totes for women are made to lighten your load!

High-Quality Material

Not only do we make our tote bags for women as lightweight as possible, but we also make them with the highest quality of material for your needs. These women’s gym tote bags are made of both water and odor resistant materials, to help you have the best workout without having to deal with the smell. The materials we use are highly durable, crafted with premium, reinforced shoulder padding, and top-grade ballistic nylon, and reinforced with strengthening metal hardware. This gym tote bag is a long-lasting and worthy investment made with the utmost care.

Easy to Clean

These gym totes are simple and easy to clean. Not only are they resistant to getting dirty at all, but to clean them all that’s typically needed is a wipe-down with a cold, damp cloth. Your time should be spent working out, rather than struggling to remove odor from a standard tote bag. Our women’s gym tote bags are designed to save you time and energy.

Overall, our gym tote bags for women are designed with your life and needs in mind. A tote bag is supposed to be easy-breezy, and this one is too! You get all the functionality of a standard tote, plus all of the additional features that Live Well 360 is known for. If you need to pack a lot of life into a small bag that’s easy to grab-and-go – consider this gym tote bag, where style and function collide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
elegant and practical

It fits everything but the kitchen sink!

Ivonne Maldonado
Tote 👜

Excellent product, the material and the details are amazing also is really functional, I bought it for my laptop to gather everything in one bag

Elizabeth M Lardinais
Awesome Tote

Great quality, so stylish and beautiful! Wish I had this tote years ago!

Miekka Cox
The Tote - exactly what I have been searching for!!!

I researched gym bags thoroughly before deciding on the Tote. I absolutely love it! I go straight from office to the gym and this tote holds everything I need for my workout and all of the work attire I take off. I'm a Type 1 diabetic and this bag has plenty of pockets for my medical supplies too. Great value for an exceptionally well constructed and useful tote!

Dana Chapman
The Tote - best gym bag ever!

Great bag for the gym! Durable material, plenty of pockets to keep things organized and I love the look! Highly recommend!

Carmela Kinnally
Love my Tote

Bought this as I needed a utility bag from work to home. Many compartments, zippered too for wallet. Big enough for laptop, folders, extra shoes, water bottle, lunch etc... hook flr your keeys too! Would buy again!!!

Sharon Barrow
Love the bag!!!

This bag has so many pockets for storage... Perfect gym bag!
Thank you!

Susel Izaguirre

It was promised for the 24th and it did not arrive till the 26th. I really needed it for Christmas morning

John Gallagher

Everything I’ve purchased has been awesome!

Patricia Elliott
Fantastic tote!

I bought the tote and I love it -- even more than my Core bag -- easier to carry on my shoulder and access what's inside. Great quality, as always!