Should You Avoid Fruit?

Should You Avoid Fruit?

We’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about how you should avoid fruit all together or at certain times of day if you are trying to get lean and have a great body, and we felt the need to chime in.

You don’t have to be scared of fruit! And you don’t have to worry about eating fruit with protein, or after dinner, or anything of the like. Listen, if you are a bodybuilder and you are competing and you are trying to get shredded to some incredibly low body fat percentage, maybe eating less fruit and more protein will get you there.

And guys and gals like us too. We eat Greek yogurt mixed with fresh Bing cherries, and salted cashews on a regular basis and we are the leanest we’ve ever been. Go ahead, take those bananas… If you are craving something sweet, why not take advantage of nature’s dessert? Make friends with fruit. Enjoy it.

How satisfying is a freshly picked cherry or strawberry in the summer? Or fresh pineapple? Or berries, oh man, do we love berries. If you are like us, and you are committed to a lifestyle of healthy living… committed to making health and fitness something that you GET to do, rather than something that you HAVE to do, then fruit is not the enemy. As with all food, our motto is this: Eat foods that are both nourishing AND satisfying, and beyond that, don’t worry so much.

Spend your time and energy focusing on what really matters in life, having fun and getting the most out of every single minute that you have. Do you love fruit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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