Being Fit Starts With Getting the Right Fit


Great shoes, workout clothes and a functional fitness bag are the tools of the trade for people who are serious about exercise. So, before you go racing off to the gym, take a little time to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. The proper shoes and workout clothes are vitally important in enabling you to undertake your fitness plan safely and comfortably. Ensuring that your body is supported during exercise is a great way to optimize your workout and avoid injury. And having the right fitness bag means you’re ready for action, and can pack everything you need to make your workout experience great!

Solid foundations

It may seem obvious, but footwear is really important in maximizing your workout experience. Regardless of whether you focus on cardio or strength training, your feet are doing a lot of work and are an integral part of the routine! Buying the right shoes can not only support your feet and ankles, but also protect you from injury and improve your overall performance. Most major sports outlets sell a variety of athletic shoes for running or cross-training. However, if you intend to exercise or train regularly, you may decide to approach a specialist retailer (like Road Runner) who can offer a full assessment of your foot-type and running style. This includes an analysis of your patterns of pronation and/or supination (how your feet connect with the ground and absorb shock during running), and also any other issues (i.e. flat feet or high arches). Following this assessment, you’ll receive advice about the footwear that’s most suited to your needs. This will ensure that you’re feet are helping you to achieve optimum performance – whether you’re walking the dog, or running a marathon!

Proper support up top is also key

Getting the right sports bra is an absolute must for all women who want to pursue a regular fitness regime… AA or DD, proper support of the girls is important! The goal of any good sports bra is obviously to minimize movement, and ensure you are comfortable and fully supported during exercise. Yet these days, sports bras have come a LONG way from the standard pancake-smasher-with-racerback-shoulder-straps. There are all kinds of options, whether you are sporting tic-tacs or melons, you CAN have style and function too! Many specialist retailer have emerged (my favorite is Lululemon), who can help you find the right bra for you. Once you’re in the fitting room, take your potential new bra for a test drive. Jump around! Pretend you are playing beach volleyball or sprinting a 100-meter dash. Ok, maybe that would be crossing the line slightly, but you know what I mean. It may feel a little silly – but a few test moves will help you decide which bra feels most comfortable and provides the right level of support for you.

It’s in the Bag!

IMG_8498 Once you’ve got your footwear and sports bra covered, be sure to invest in a great fitness bag. It’s going to be your constant friend, a CORE part of your fitness routine… as you make regular trips to the gym, studio, or wherever you prefer to workout. Some things to consider:
  • Choosing strong, durable material is important – this is your every day bag, not an evening bag, so it needs to be able to withstand regular use and abuse.
  • Separation of the dirty/sweaty clothes and shoes from the rest of your clothing is also important, so be sure to choose a bag that has separate compartments.
  • You also need to make sure that your bag has enough compartments to enable you to carry everything you need – including jewelry/watch (without getting scratched) and your towel and toiletries.
The perfect solution is of course our fitness bag (hey – we’re not biased!). You can check it out here: Live Well 360 Core
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