Day 19: Finding Your People

If you feel like this is you, don’t worry! It’s totally normal to feel a bit out of whack with the people around you, who may not be on the same path as you, when you are finding your balance in a new way of thinking. Today’s post is all about finding your people.

They just don’t understand me

It’s easy to get caught up in the “so-and-so doesn’t understand me” train of thought, when you are really focused on changing your way of thinking (and way of life) and other people around you are not. Stop that train in it’s tracks! Instead of coaxing that fire of feeling alone or misunderstood, spend your time and energy appreciating the people around you that dosupport you. And further, look for qualities in those people that you think misunderstand you, which actually are supportive. For example, your mother may think (and tell you often) that your eating habits are crazy, yet you know in your heart that she just cares about you, and is showing her love in her own way. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Ignore the qualities in them that you don’t like, and pay lots of attention to the qualities about them that you do like. You might be surprised at how suddenly, you find that when you interact with them, you start getting more and more of what you like most about them, and less of what you don’t like. Also, as you clarify in your own mind the types of things that you enjoy about people (by paying lots of attention to those qualities), you’ll also start to see more and more people with those qualities showing up in your life, many times when and where you least expect them.

Making health and fitness fun

By deliberately choosing to look for the positive characteristics of the people around you, you are opening yourself up more. Being open rather than contracted is what allows new relationships and opportunities to appear. Meaning, how likely do you think that you will come upon people who want to be healthy, fit, and happy if you are feeling really pessimistic and sad versus when you are feeling optimistic and open?

Finding your people happens naturally

The thing is, most times you don't even actively "find" your people, you actually stumble upon them. As you continue to grow in your health and fitness journey, the people who have the same values as you will naturally come into your life as you are inspired to do more things that make health and fitness fun, and the people who don’t value the same things will naturally fall away. Be true to who you are and appreciate others for who they are, and you WILL feel supported.
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