Day 2: The Live Well 360 List

The Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge: Day 2 - What really inspires you? Make your own list on this challenge.

Yesterday we took an inventory of what your core beliefs are related to health and fitness. It’s pretty cool to realize that just because this is the way you think now, doesn’t mean that you’ll think this way forever! Today we are going to talk about the things that really inspire you.

Making health and fitness fun

If you take any goal about health and fitness and you boil it down to its root by asking yourself “why?” enough times… you’ll find that the reason why you want it, is because you think that it will make you happy. Yet sometimes health and fitness goals can be tricky. Our bodies are one of those things where, our beliefs about what is right for us can easily get mixed up and influenced by what everyone else thinks. We are going to talk about this a lot throughout the challenge. For now, just keep that in mind. Ya know how people sometimes say (usually related to their body or to money) that reaching some really big goal that they set didn’t make them feel as fulfilled as they thought it would? I personally have said this related to weight loss. How annoying is this, when you are the person that is still trying so hard to reach a similar goal?! Here’s the thing. The reason why it’s not fulfilling is because that goal wasn’t inspired by empowering core beliefs, it was inspired by the disempowering ones. When you learn how to step into your true power, and get your core beliefs lined up with who you really are, then all your goals will give you that feeling of exhilaration as you reach them. Doesn’t it ROCK to set a goal that helps you to tap into that spark within you and then accomplish it? You want to jump up and down and yell, “I did that! I totally did that!” The times that I have felt that way have been times where the goal related to what really matters to me most.

How do I know what really matters to me?

One of the best ways to figure out what really matters to you most (and to live your best life) is to create what a lot of people call a Bucket List, but here, we are going to call it a Live Well 360 List. Take some time today and write your Live Well 360 list. Let your imagination run wild. Don’t worry about how the things on your list would happen or anything that might stand in your way, just think about the things in life that inspire you most and write them down. Here are two examples that you can use for inspiration, if you need it. Putting something like this down on paper is the first step in discovering or re-discovering what really matters to you most. It puts things into perspective. By making a list like this, you are in a sense, waking up your intuition and giving yourself permission to think about what your most exciting, inspiring life would be. This is a huge step toward making life, health, and fitness fulfilling and fun. What are some of the items you put on your Live Well 360 List?
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