Day 29: Distractions

Stop the excuses

  • Do you really have to wait until the holidays are over to get started living your best life?
  • Do you really need to read one more health and fitness book before you are ready to begin?
  • Is one more diet really going to be the answer?
  • Is it really necessary or helpful to compare yourself to other people?
  • Is it really your spouse’s, mother’s, family’s, friend’s, coworker’s fault that you aren’t moving toward your goal?
  • Does it really matter what other people think?
  • Why do you have to be a certain size to be happy with yourself and the way you look?
  • Do you really think that there will be some magical shift once you reach that goal, and suddenly THEN you will feel fulfilled?
  • Is this actually about achieving that goal? Really?

Making health and fitness fun

This is your life and if you choose to live it chasing ideals and setting goals and rules that you thinkwill unlock the door to self-love and happiness then that is perfectly cool. But be honest with yourself and acknowledge that ultimately you are choosing to live the life that you are living right now. Don’t use distractions and excuses to trick yourself into believing something else, because you have the power to make a change and do, think, feel, and experience something totally different. Let go of the excuses and take your power back.
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