10 Fitness-Themed Holiday Gifts for the Gym Rat

10 Fitness-Themed Holiday Gifts for the Gym Rat

With the Holidays here gift buying can sometimes be daunting especially when you are trying got buy gifts for the gym rat in your life. It takes time and sometimes we truly don’t know where to get started when we don’t know anything about fitness-themed presents. But don’t fret we have the top 10 fitness-themed holiday gifts for the gym rat in your life.

Baxter of California Citrus & Herbal Musk Body Bundle

This is a great set specific to the gym rat who lives at the gym and even gets ready their for work or the rest of their day there. It’s geared toward men but anyone can use this body bundle. It has an herbal musk and California citrus scent that will make you think you are on vacation any time you use it. And the great thing is you can throw it into your Livewell360 bag and use it anywhere you go. It’s a great stocking stuffer and much needed holiday gift for the gym rat in your life!

Apple Watch Series 4

Price: Starting at $399.00 The Apple Watch is a great holiday gift for the gym rat in your family! It not only works as a watch but also tracks heart rate, workouts, nutrition and works as an I-pod. This is perfect for someone who wants to stay up to date on his or her health as well as, get notified of his or her texts or phone calls and they go straight to their watch. It is a perfect gift for anyone!

Livewell360 the Luxx bag

Price: $189.99 Livewell360 has the best bags for working out and even everyday use! The LUXX is a great present for someone who needs a bag to take to the gym and the office. They are great to throw your clothes in and you can use it for work things, such as papers or notebooks, etc. It truly is the best gift to give your fellow gym rat who needs a bag they can use in their everyday life.

DynaPro Fabric Resistance Bands

Price: $8.99 Working out sometimes can be really hard especially around the holidays, so resistance bands are great to have when traveling and when you don’t have time to workout. These are great stocking stuffers too as they are a small gift, but will be used quite a bit. You can use them to work out your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and even your arms!

Water Bottle

Price: Varies, starts at $10.99 Gym rats always need to stay hydrated so gifting them a reusable water bottle that is cute and useful is a great present for the holidays! Again this is the perfect size as a stocking stuffer or even as a regular present. And there are so many different brands to try and use different colors and sizes.

Original Worm Massage Roller

Price: Starting at $24.00 Muscles can get sore especially for those who work out every single day or close to it! The Original Worm Massage Roller is another great present to gift someone who loves working out. It helps with tightness after working out and even helps roll out knots in the muscle. This is a functional and practical present for your gym rat friend or family member! They will definitely use this often.

Blenderbottle Shaker

Price: $14.99 A BlenderBottle shaker is a great present for someone who is obsessed with protein shakes and pre-workout! They make shaking them really easy and ready to eat! The great thing is they have a strainer in them so they are able to strain out any bumps in the powders, which makes sure it will be smooth and ready to drink during or after your workout. And you can even use them as a water bottle!

Book: "Run Fast. Eat Slow. Nourishing Recipes for Athletes"

Price: $24.99 A great gift to give others is a cookbook! Regardless or not if they eat healthy a cookbook is a great present to give because they will use it over and over again. This cookbook in particular is great for someone who is health conscious and wants to stay healthy and fit. It’s all about what to eat and how to eat clean and well for working out. Check out this one by Shalane Flanagan.

Apple AirPods

Price: $159.99 The Apple AirPods are one of the best presents to give a gym rat who loves working out and needs headphones that don’t get in the way of the workout. They also allow for someone to do their workout without having to worry about wires and cords getting in the way of it. They will be able to control their phone from their wireless earbuds. And if you get them the Apple Watch too it’s the best combination for working out. As they can control their music and texts from their watch and earbuds, they won’t even need their phone while they workout!

Yoga Mat

Price: Varies We all know how important it is to stretch right after a workout especially for those who workout consistently. Any type of yoga mat is a great gift for the gym rat in your life! It is great to use for an abs workout or a stretch or even yoga! They come in a variety of colors and patterns so finding one for your friend or family member that fits their personality will be a breeze! Here's one that you can get for under $20! (* * *) And that’s all of our top fitness-themed holiday gifts for the gym rat in your life. We hope you liked our gifts and you give them a try! We are sure that your family or friends will love these gifts for the holiday. And now you have a great list to help you get started with holiday shopping. Happy Holidays!
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