How Gym Bag Essentials Can Help You Never Skip a Workout?

How Gym Bag Essentials Can Help You Never Skip a Workout?

If you want to be serious about your workout routine, then you need to do everything in your power to stick to the schedule. Too often, people have the best of intentions only to be derailed by many little things.

Today, let’s walk through the things you should pack in your small gym bag that can help you stick to your routine and improve your workout.

Shoe Fresheners

While you might not think of shoe fresheners as a thing that can help you get to the gym every time, they are absolutely essential. If you have a small gym bag, then it can get very smelly, very quickly, and that makes picking it up to head to the gym all the more difficult.

But if you have shoe fresheners that absorb smell and moisture, then your bag will be fresher and you will be more eager to take it out and head to the gym.

Workout-Friendly Headphones

Whether it’s your own perfect workout playlist or that podcast you really want to catch up on, headphones are essential for staying focused at the gym. The right pair can also help you get out to the gym every day because you have something to look forward to on top of the great post-workout feeling.

You should always have a special place for your headphones in your small gym bag so that you can get pumped up every time you work out.

The Right Towel

There is an entire industry around gym towels out there, with new companies offering ultra-absorbent, high-quality, extra-portable towels designed to fit in your small gym bag.

Getting the right one is essential to your routine because it will help you feel fresh and clean after your workout. Be sure to grab a towel that can fit in your bag and that will dry out quickly. That way, you will always have a fresh towel for heading to the gym.


The entire point of working out is to burn calories to help your body stay strong and healthy, which means you will need calories to burn and to recover with before and after your workout. While every person is different regarding when they like to eat around their routine, having a few snacks packed away in your small gym bag will help you get the energy you need.

Go for protein bars, dried fruit, and other healthy snacks so that you can keep being healthy around your workout routine.

The Perfect Small Gym Bag

If you want to make the most of your workout routine, and stick to it consistently, then you need the perfect small gym bag packed with the essentials. When you have that, the routine and the results can be immediate.

Live Well 360 has a wide selection of gym bags that fit every need, from large ones that can hold everything to a small gym bag that makes going to the gym extra convenient. Be sure to check out our wide selection of bags so you can make the most of every workout.

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