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The Top Three Things To Improve Your Thursday Fitness Motivation

We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated to workout during the week, but what happens when it’s almost Friday, and you don’t feel like working out?! Often times, your Thursday fitness motivation is often... nil. Well many of us forget about our goals towards the end of the week. We are tired, worn out from our jobs and the last thing we want to do is workout especially on a Thursday! You've already taken our Monday Motivation and Wednesday Motivation advice into account, so what’s the point when we're so close to Friday and the weekend?! Well, we can’t give up on our goals just because it's Thursday. Deciding to commit to yourself and the gym shows dedication and will make you overall healthier and happier! So what can we do to stay motivated towards the end of the week? There are so many things to do for motivation! We have a list of the top 3 things to motivate you to work out this Thursday!

1. Take Group Fitness

Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about your workout or what you are going to do for your workout, so group fitness is a great way to get in your workout without having to think about it! The other great thing about group fitness is there are so many options for classes! So if you prefer cardio or strength don’t worry either way you will find something tailored just for you! Try a boxing, cycling or even body tone class! Each class offers a different workout, but whichever you chose will push you to work out harder than before! The other bonus is you will meet other people who take classes with you! This means you never know you may just find your next best friend or gym buddy in class!

2. Make a Deal with yourself

Sometimes you have to make a deal with yourself to motivate yourself to the gym! Why not try making a contract with yourself?! Try signing a contract with yourself making sure you stay on track with your fitness goals! Remind yourself I am going to commit to myself this month! Try to focus on something different related to fitness every month! It always helps to have someone there with you to get through your workout, and who is better than you?! Lets say its June so for that month make a deal with yourself that you will run outside 15-20 times that month!! And if you keep making the theme around something fun you will love working out!!

3. Reward Yourself

Do you ever feel like sometimes you need something to get through your workout, like a reward?! Well, we think rewards are a great way to motivate you to get to the gym or workout! And rewards do not have to be cheat meals, or unhealthy food, it actually can be so much more! Why not reward yourself with a smoothie, or buy yourself that outfit you’ve been wanting for a while! There are so many ways to reward yourself and so many things you can get that don’t have to be fitness related! You can reward yourself with highlighter if you like makeup or a gift card to your favorite store! So try doing that for yourself, like take yoga classes 4 days a week for a whole month! If you make it through two and four weeks reward yourself with something you have been wanting!


Thursday Fitness Motivation is always hard, but we know you can do it. We hope these tips have helped motivate you to get yourself to be active this and every Thursday! Even if you’re just taking a group fitness class or rewarding yourself for working out, committing to yourself and finding ways to get yourself to workout is super important! Lets go over our tips one last time! 1. Take Group Fitness 2. Make a Deal with Yourself 3. Reward Yourself So get out there and try one or all of our tips they definitely will help motivate you to get your workout in this Thursday!! Enjoy your Thursday and use our tips to get motivated and stay on track towards the end of the week!


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