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Take these 5 steps for weekend fitness motivation this Saturday, and every weekend!

We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated to workout during the week, but what happens when it’s the weekend? Well, many of us forget about our goals and have “cheat days” or avoid the gym. This forces us to lose any gains or progress we had during the week. So what can we do to stay motivated during the weekend? There are so many things to do for motivation! We have a list of the top 5 things to motivate you to workout this weekend!

1. Set an alarm on Friday night

It’s always hard to wake up early in the morning especially during the weekend. But a great way to stay on schedule is plan ahead, and set an alarm for the morning! It’s great to get your workout out of the way and not have to worry about it during the rest of your day, or putting it off!! So make it a habit every Friday to set an alarm for 8 AM Saturday and Sunday mornings, and get in your workout bright and early!

2. Grab a gym buddy

It always helps to have someone there with you to get through your workout! So grab your friend and get them to the gym with you! Sometimes we just need someone to push us and it helps so much to have someone to motivate you and you can motivate them too!!

3. Meal Prep on Sundays

Looking at nutrition most people’s nutrition on the weekends goes out the window. With brunch and unlimited mimosas becoming so popular most people forget about their “week” goals and eat and drink whatever they want! It can be hard to not get into the same temptation but it does help if you already have food prepared for the week. We like to designate Sundays to meal prep for the week! It actually sets up your Monday so that you can eat healthy and not even have to think about it! You can dedicate a few hours on Sunday just to prep and cook your food for lunch and dinner during the week!

4. Workout outside or find a hobby that involves exercise

We don’t know about you but we don’t want to spend two hours of our day inside working out especially on the weekends!! Why not try finding a hobby or sport you enjoy doing especially on the week, and instead of going to the gym you can do that! Maybe try cycling outdoors or even running outside is great!

5. Make a weekend playlist

Music always can make your workout even more fun! And it definitely helps with motivation. Let’s be honest we can definitely can sick of the same songs over and over again during our workout, so why not change them up! It sounds so simple, but it can make such a difference! Making a specific weekend playlist for the weekend can help motivate you and get you pumped and excited for your workout! Or why not even have someone else create your weekend workout playlist, then you don’t even know what is coming next!


Motivation is always hard, but especially on the weekend! We hope these tips have helped to motivate you to get yourself to be active this upcoming weekend! Even if you’re just getting in an outdoor run or trying a new yoga, some exercise is still exercise! Let's go over our tips one last time! 1. Set an alarm on Friday night 2. Grab a gym buddy 3. Meal Prep on Sundays 4. Workout outside or find a hobby that involves exercise 5. Make a weekend playlist So get out there and try one or all of our tips they definitely will help motivate you to get your workout in this weekend!! Enjoy your weekend and your workout!
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