What Makes a Good Gym Bag?

What Makes a Good Gym Bag?

When you leave the house on a workout day, you likely check to make sure that you have everything – wallet, keys and gym bag packed and ready to go. The right bag makes a difference when heading out to the gym. With so many gym bags available, it’s hard to know what makes good gym bags for women, gym bags for men, girl’s gym bags and how to choose a small gym bag.

How you Plan to use Your Gym Bag

One of the biggest factors when looking at a gym bag for women or a gym bag for men is to consider its use. Will you be walking or driving?

The size of the bag may differ, since if you are driving, you may want a larger bag to hold all your items. If you are walking or taking public transportation, a small gym bag may be a great option, so you aren’t overloaded with items to carry.

Do you go to the gym before work or after work? If you take your bag to work, you may want something that looks a little nicer or more professional than if you are just going from home to the gym.

How Do you Organize Your Bag?

A few options can change your choice of gym bag. One option is a separate compartment for shoes, keeping your gym shoes clean. Some bags have options for used towels or dirty clothes, to ensure any wetness doesn’t get into everything in the bag.

Gym bags for women may have extra compartments for makeup and personal items. Another organization idea to consider is how many side pockets you need (for cell phones, keys, etc.). Some gym bags may even have tablet or laptop compartments for commuters.

Consider the Material

Gym bags are made of a variety of materials to suit each person’s needs. A small gym bag is often sought after for its lightness, making nylon a good material for these bags.

Gym bags for men could be made of leather for a more prestigious look, especially if it is also being used at work. Canvas offers a sturdy, rugged look that pairs well with many occasions.

Other materials include vinyl or neoprene, which are more common in gym bags for women and girl’s gym bags, as these are stylish but functional materials.

Small Gym Bag Options

Gym bags range in size, depending on what you are using it for. A girls gym bag or small gym bag is normally around 13 inches long, while adult gym bags are often around 21 inches.

The interior capacity of gym bags are normally measured in liters. Many gym bags for women are about 30 liters, while gym bags for men are about 40 liters. These bags can hold sneakers, clothes toiletries and water bottle.

If you are looking for a more multipurpose gym bag for hiking or traveling, a large 50-liter gym bag may be more appropriate.

Gym Bags for Women and Gym Bags for Men

Gym bags should be selected for each person’s unique needs. The size, material and color are just a few things to think about when choosing a gym bag. Individual preferences also come into play when choosing a style, such as a backpack versus a handbag.

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