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10 Ways to Balance out the Gym and Being a Mom

Finding time to manage being a mom and working out can be really hard! You never feel like you have enough time to workout, and when you do you feel like you should be spending time with your kids! And sometimes you don’t always have as much time as you’d like to actually workout! We have 10 ways to balance the gym and being a mom!

1. Prioritize your things to do

This is one of the easiest things to forget to do, but making sure you have the time to actually work out is super important! Along with that just making sure you have done everything else you needed to do before you workout! It will help cut down on stress, but also help you make sure to have your list of things to do for the day, and the workout becomes your reward!

2. Have a Plan for What Workout You’re Gonna Do

Make sure you have an idea of what you are going to do at the gym or during your workout! Don’t just go into the workout without a plan, because you can become flustered and get distracted and ultimately not get in a good enough workouts! So make sure you take the time to plan things out. Try looking up a few workouts before you leave for the gym, or watch a video or two on workouts!

3. Block time out for working out

Another thing that helps to balance out being a mom and working out is blocking out time on your schedule. Why not try using a time when the kids are napping or sleeping to workout! This is great because you won’t feel guilty about spending time working out that you could be spending with the kids. So plan your daily gym time around the kids’ naptime, it really will be the perfect time to get in your workout!

4. Include Your Kids

When you find it hard to balance your gym time and mommy time, don’t worry try including your kids in the workout! Instead of just dropping them off at the gym’s daycare why don’t you create an activity where both you and your kids can be active! Try going for a walk with them, or even playing a game of bootcamp for kids. You can create a kids bootcamp, and just make the exercises harder for you, so you can all work out together!

5. Make the Jungle Gym Your Bootcamp

Taking your kids to the park can sometimes not be so fun, but why not try making it a workout for you?! Use the jungle gym at the park to your advantage and get a workout in with the kids! There are so many parts to the jungle gym that can be included for a great workout. Why not try using one of the hanging bars to do pull ups, or even assisted pull-ups! You can even use the jungle gyms to do squats and lunges on an uneven floor! There are hundreds of different workouts you can do on the jungle gym, so try it out next time you are there with your kids!

6. Run With Your Kids

One form of exercise that you can include your children with is running!! Running around your backyard or even having races with the little ones is a perfect way to get in your workout and quality time with the kids! You never have to feel guilty for working out, because you’re doing it together! So next time the kids want to play outside, create a race with them, and run!!

7. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

This is something that sometimes as moms you can forget, but remember to not beat yourself up! It is totally okay to miss a workout or two even! You have so much going on between the kids, and the house, and sometimes the last thing you have time for is a workout. Just remember you are one person and can only do so much. Don’t get upset about not working out. Remind yourself to be proud of what you did accomplish that day!

8. Make a Home Gym

Don’t have time to take you and your kids all the way to the gym?! No problem, bring the gym to you!! We all know as moms sometimes there isn’t time in the day to get everything done, so why not save the travel time, and workout in your own home gym? Creating a space for you to workout in is an amazing thing and will help you down the line. It saves so much time and energy, as now you don’t have to pack up the kids and go to the gym. You can just walk downstairs straight to your personal gym and start your workout. And you don’t have to listen to any rules, so that means your kids can be in the room with you while you workout!

9. Build a Mom Group

Another great way to balance being a mom and the gym is trying creating a group of moms that love working out too! This would definitely help as you guys as a group can have daily workouts that include the kids. Like try running around the block with strollers, or even a daily yoga or walking session with the little ones! Having women around you that are going through the same thing and have similar interests will help support you. And the great thing is you will support them too!

10. Make Your Workout Worth It

Yes, you might not have all the time in the world, but don’t let that get to you! Make your workouts worth it, regardless of how busy you are, what the kids did, or even how much time you have. Try to use every minute of your workout to your advantage. So next time you feel like you have 30 minutes and it's not enough, try adding a HITT workout, or even do cardio for 15 and weights for the other 15 with short breaks! You definitely won’t regret taking advantage of every minute of your workout! (* * *) Overall being a mom and trying to workout or go to the gym can be very hard! There are so many tips that can help with balancing life as a mom particularly when it comes to fitness! Finding time and blocking it out on your schedule is one of the ways to balance your life. Another thing is including the kids into your workout. So why not try running with the kids or even going to the jungle gym and using that for your workout. We hope you enjoyed our tips and try them out next time you try to balance your life!

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