Zip Your Gym Bag into Shape

When it comes to purchasing gym bags for women, it may seem that your options are fairly limited. LiveWell 360 is aiming to change that by updating the way that women look at gym bags. Rather than simply selling a product, we are selling a fit lifestyle.

Bags for Your Fit Lifestyle

LiveWell 360 creates highly functional and premium gym bags for women, which reflect the highest level of standards, and sets the tone in and out of the gym or studio. All of our bags were created by fitness enthusiasts who understand what it takes to construct a useful and superior gym bag. This all started when we found our own bags continually coming up short of what we needed. Most other gym bags are constructed the same, featuring one large compartment in a duffel bag for the majority of your items. Although this seems to be the norm, it’s not the most practical design. The typical designs always seem to come up short, with large duffel compartments that leave all of your workout gear in a jumbled mess. Most women want a bag that is both functional and durable, yet also stylish. LiveWell 360 has designed a line of gym bags for women and men that actually do what they are intended, while keeping up with your busy lifestyle.

Gym Bags for Women

Fitness Bags for All

No one bag is designed to fit all, especially when it comes to gym bags for women! No matter what level of fitness you are at, LiveWell 360 has a bag that will fit your lifestyle. Whether you are a runner, yogi, bodybuilder, or participate in team sports, there is a bag that will be perfect for your individual needs. Our bags are designed with sleek, stylized bodies, with reinforced hardware to deliver a product that can keep up with your busy, active lifestyle. We offer an impressive array of bags that were designed by fitness enthusiasts, to ensure that each bag that we offer is practical, for optimal performance. Best of all, our bags have a variety of compartments – not just one! You will be able to keep all of your equipment and gear organized within these bags; no more tangled mess! Our bags were built for action and can take anything you will throw in them. Don’t settle for a poorly designed gym bag that makes more of a mess for you to clean up. See the difference in getting a bag designed by active people, who understand all of your particular needs and wants.

Why Choose LiveWell 360?

LiveWell 360 designs gym bags for women that actually work. We aim to recreate gym bags, ensuring their functionality for a modern, active lifestyle. At LiveWell 360, we aim to help you achieve your fitness goals by setting you up for success in every way that we can. Our name is at the center of everything that we do and every choice that we make. We pledge to deliver the best in the industry, including all of the highest quality materials to the best customer service. Our team strives to deliver our dedicated followers the tools that they need to achieve the goals that they crave.

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