Guide to Choosing the Best Gym Bags for Men

Whether you hit the gym every day or once a week, a gym bag is a work-out necessity. Not only does it allow you to organize your gym essentials in one convenient place, but you can also head straight to the gym after the work or class without a second thought! But finding the per-fect gym bag can be challenging. There are so many designs on the market — each with their own pros and cons — to choose from. Here is our guide to choosing the best gym bags for men. 1. Size The size of your gym bag depends on a variety of factors. Are you someone who drives or relies primarily on public transport? What kind of workouts do you like to do? Small gym bags for men are great if you prefer to keep your gym gear separate from your work or school supplies, but a bigger bag might be more practical if you commute via public transportation or travel a lot for work. What’s the best sized gym bag to buy for men? The answer is entirely dependent on your workout routine and unique needs — take some time to consider what would be the most prac-tical and functional design for your lifestyle. 2. Storage When it comes to sifting through the many gym bag options for men, you need to consider the amount of storage you will need. Are you someone who likes to shower at the gym? Do you car-ry a laptop to and from work? Do you prefer a multi-purpose bag or one for each need? These are all things to think about before choosing your small gym bag. If you tend to get ready at the gym, you will mostly like want separate compartments to keep your sweaty clothes and towels away from your dry post-workout gear. But if you are heading home afterward, you probably don’t need more than a few pockets. 3. Style Before you get caught up in colors and trends, remember that function always comes first when shopping for gym bags for men. Do you bike, walk, or take the bus to the gym? Then a backpack might be the best option as it is hands-free and distributes weight evenly. This is also perfect for anyone who suffers from back pain or has bad posture. A duffel bag is a great option for anyone who wants a gym bag that is also perfect for weekend getaways. If you are a frequent traveler, consider a gym bag with wheels. This option tends to have the most structure and compart-ments for staying organized. 4. Material When researching gym bags for men, pay attention to the fabric and material used to construct the bag. It is important to choose a gym bag that is water resistant and easy to clean. Another important requirement for all gym bags is flexibility. Avoid rigid, hard-shelled bags that don’t stretch or accommodate extra belongings. However, gym bags that are too soft offer less pro-tection to your more valuable belongings, like your phone or headphones, and they can easily wrinkle. The perfect gym bags for men will fall somewhere in the middle.
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