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How Gym Tote Bags for Women have Changed Over the Years

We’ve come a long way with gym bags. When you look at bags from decades ago, it’s hard to believe that people dragged them around with them. But today, gym tote bags for women are lightweight, comfortable, and more useable than ever. But what makes them so different from ones of decades previous? Today, we walk through the biggest changes in gym tote bags, and what that means for people who are looking for their next bag. Materials Probably one of the biggest changes to gym tote bags for women is the materials. Newer synthetic materials have made bags stronger, more durable, and better looking all at the same time. And new ways of treating natural fibers have made it easier for bags to look, feel, and smell great, even after regular use. Gone are the days of thin canvas or inflexible nylon. Today, you can get bags made from better versions of these materials that perform much better, and often at a lower cost. Materials haven’t just made the bags better overall; they have also reduced their weight. With newer synthetic materials, Live Well 360 has created a variety of lightweight bags that you can take anywhere.gym tote bags for women Purpose Gym tote bags for women used to be about holding clothes and little else. They often had one or two pockets and didn’t think about the day ahead. One of the features that make Live Well 360 bags different is that they are made with more than your trip to the gym in mind. These lightweight, ultra-functional bags are convenient enough to take anywhere. Their many pockets can hold almost anything, from gym shoes and socks to yoga mats and even a book or laptop. Rather than being just for the gym, our bags can make your whole day and commute easier. Comfort Gym tote bags for women are lighter now than ever before, but innovations in design have also made them more comfortable. Whether it’s a strap that sits on the body more comfortably or pocket placement that makes finding something faster and easier, bags today are simply more comfortable than ever before. Style Back in the day, the main differentiator between gym tote bags for women and those for men was the color. Pink bags were for women, all others were for men. But as the years have progressed, women’s bags have become more functional and fashionable at the same time. Today, you can find a wide variety of bags that have all the features you want while still looking great. The Top Gym Tote Bags for Women If you are looking for your next gym bag, then you’ve come to the right place. Live Well 360 has a large selection of the top gym tote bags for women available. Our products are the culmination of decades of change and innovation in bag design and aesthetics. Whatever you need, from large bags to lightweight and compact, we have your next bag. And they’re more affordable than you may have thought. Be sure to browse our whole selection to find the right gym bag for you.
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