Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Must Order Online

Does your significant other love fitness, and working out? Do you feel like it is hard to find them a present for Valentine’s Day? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! We have a list of the top 10 best fitness Valentine's gifts that you can order online right to your doorstep just in time for February 14! You don’t even have to leave the house and the great thing is we have a wide selection for every type of fitness person! So whether you strictly take group fitness, or only do strength training, we have something for each and every one of you!

LiveWell 360 The LUXX Bag

Price: $169.99, now for $149.99 LUXX BAG Live Well 360 The LUXX bag is a great bag for the gym and even a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for your significant other! It is one of the best and premium gym bag with shoe and laptop compartment. There is even a separate shoe and dirty clothes compartment, which is great to use for the holding your gym clothes and shoes after a hard workout! And you can fit so much in the LUXX bag!

Alo Yoga Leggings

Price: Starting at $94 Alo Yoga has great workout clothes for both men and women, which is great! They offer a wide selection of leggings, sweatpants, and shorts! And they always bring fun, vibrant colors around February, which is perfect for your significant other who loves vibrant workout clothes! If you even check out the sales rack, you can even snag a pair for your Valentine as much as half off!

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat

Price: $39-$64
Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mat
Yoga Design Lab has an abundance of different styles of yoga mats. They are really high quality and come in so many different, vibrant colors! They are a perfect gift for a yogi or someone who loves Pilates! Your significant other will be thanking you over and over again for this great quality and fun yoga mat!

2(X)ist underwear

Price: starting at $12 Yes, underwear!! They are actually so soft and great for working out and wearing underneath leggings or training shorts! They also come in a bunch of different colors so it’s a great idea to buy a few! And right now, you can get 15 percent off retail price with the code: LASTCHANCE

Kettlebell Heart iPhone Case

Price: $25-30 Does your significant other love weight training, and kettlebells?! Well, we have the perfect gift to give them on Valentine’s Day! It is the most adorable heart-shaped kettlebell case for your iPhone! So they can always look at their phone and think of their significant other and fitness!

BKR Fifth Ave. Heart 1L Water Bottle

Price: $45-55
Fitness lover using iphone at stadium Fitness lover using iphone at stadium
This water bottle is a great gift to give your significant other on Valentine’s Day! It is inspired by NYC in the summer; it comes in an opaque midnight navy with an adorable metallic navy heart.

Airtight Storage Container

Price: $50-$94 These containers are great for those who meal prep! They are stainless steel, and come in five different sizes! You can throw them in your purse, even your Livewell 360 bag and they won’t spill or leak!! And you can even freeze meals in them and reheat in the oven!!! Just don’t forget to remove the lid!

Grid STK Foam Roller

Price: $35 The Grid STK foam roller is a hand-held foam roller. It is designed with Grid Surface and AcuGRIP handles to help roll, release, and even relieve your minor pains and achy muscles! It is great to use on yourself, but also great for your partner especially with rolling out your feet! What a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day with your valentine!

Nokia Body Cardio Smart Scale

Price: $180 This smart scale not only tells you how much you weigh, but you even get your BMI, body fat, water percentage, and muscles and bone mass! Yes, all the just from a scale, which is pretty amazing and definitely worth the extra money! And because you get a more detailed body composition it can actually help you understand what else goes into your weight! Let’s break it down!
  • Fat Mass percentage actually can help you understand your overall health.
  • Muscle Mass helps you target your efforts to lose weight or even build muscle!
  • Water brings awareness to your hydration and how much water retention you have.
  • Bone Mass helps you get a full picture of your body.
It also can recognize up to 8 people automatically, and can sync their health profile to their phone! Also helps you stay on track by setting a weight goal in the health app, and even tracks your child’s growth! It’s a great Valentine’s Day present everyone will get use out of!

Tribest Personal Blender

Price: $75.00 Protein shake The Tribest Personal Blender is great for those fitness fanatics that love making protein shakes, and smoothie bowls!! It has a powerful 200-watt motor, which means it will easily blend all your favorite foods, like nuts, seeds and even ice! *It’s also BPA free to keep yourself away from harmful chemicals. And it’s the perfect size for two servings, perfect for you and your Valentine! And that’s all 10 of our favorite fitness inspired online Valentine’s Day gifts!! Don’t forget you don’t even have to leave your house to get these amazing Valentine’s Day presents, they ship right to your door!! With a variety of different gifts, we’re sure you’ll find something for your fitness-obsessed significant other this Valentine’s Day!
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