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  • Gym or travel bag with separate shoe compartment
  • Padded compartment for laptop along with 13 other compartments
  • Perfect weekender bag
  • Highly durable made with ballistic nylon

With a separate shoe and dirty cloth compartment this perfect gym bag is inspired by summer adventurous, a full week of outfits, and last-minute packing. Yet somehow still finds a way to fit in your precious fitness gear for the day. This premium weekender was made to replace that shabby old gym bag with a modern design that discretely keeps your gear tucked away.


Weight - 3 lbs.

Length: 22 inches
Height: 12 inches
Base Width: 11 inches


Premium Materials

It's love at first touch. This bag uses premium ballistic nylon that stands up to the elements. Finally, a bag that uses materials built to last a lifetime.


Crafted from lightweight top­-grade ballistic nylon.


Signature Crimson Liner, Signature LW patch.


Reinforced by durable metal hardware. Plush back padding with premium seatbelt strip trims.


Water & Wipe

We recommend using a damp cold cloth with water to wipe any excess dirt or residue.

Spot Cleaning

If needed, we suggest spot cleaning the bag, but only with water or a mild soap. However, test a small area of the bag with the mild soap first before applying all over just to avoid any damage.


A Gym, Fitness and Travel Bag with a Place For Everything

The LUXX has below compartments:

  1. Shoes and sweaty clothes compartment towards the outer side.
  2. Padded laptop compartment.
  3. Water bottle or other tall bottle slip compartments towards the inner side.
  4. Shampoo/Conditioner or other bottles compartment.
  5. Large clothes or other items (the main) compartment.
  6. Small fleece lined zip pocket (for watch, jewelry or other valuables)
  7. 2 other small zip pockets.
  8. Key compartment with a key lanyard.
  9. Wallet compartment.
  10. Phone Compartment
  11. One big compartment towards the outer side with a zip for each access items.
  12. Removable yoga mat strap.
  13. Water bottle compartment towards the outer side.

Confidently pack a full week of outfits in the roomy main cavity. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your dirty unmentionables and shoes will always be stored separately; they are hidden away in the vented laundry/shoe compartment. Leave your tangled headphones and buried keys behind with your old bag and say hello to the 11 smart pockets found in the Luxx. It even has a padded laptop compartment to keep your laptop and tablet safe and secure.

Travel Ready

Be ready to go at a moments notice. An easy to carry, TSA compliant essential that will save you valuable time while traveling. Never have to dig for your essentials again, the front compartment features a key lanyard and is perfect for holding your phone, wallet, and fast­-access items.

There are some gym bags that are meant only for the gym. They are small and designed to get what you need to the gym and back to your car and little else. It could be as simple as a gym bag with shoe compartment: small and singular in its use, for example. But then there are gym bags like the Luxx: bags that are designed to go with you wherever you need, combining the convenience of a gym bag with the versatility of bags meant for all of life’s journeys.

The Luxx is the latest bag from Live Well 360 that has been exclusively designed around three core concepts: long-lasting and durable materials, convenience, and versatility. This bag is meant to be taken to the gym, on vacation and wherever else that you need a bag that can keep up with you, whether that’s your daily routine or your next adventure.

Let’s start with the Luxx’s long-lasting, durable materials. Made with metal reinforcements and ballistic nylon, this is the kind of bag that can stand up to whatever you throw at it. Plus, the nylon build helps to keep the bag odor-free when used as a regular gym bag.

One of the defining characteristics of the Luxx gym bag is its convenience. With multiple kinds of straps and pockets for almost anything, it is the perfect bag for big adventures and everyday activities. Empty, the bag weighs only three pounds yet boasts surprising durability thanks to its extra-tough nylon materials and metal reinforcements. You can confidently pack a full week’s worth of clothes in this bag if you are heading on a trip, or collapse it down for just whatever you need today.

The crowning achievement of the Luxx gym bag is its versatility. Rather than simply being a men’s gym bag with shoe compartment or a yoga-style gym bag with a strap for a yoga mat, the Luxx can do it all, and all in a convenient package. The bag features multiple compartments that can hold anything from shoes to laptops to makeup bags and more, all of which let you organize the bag the way that you like. It even has smaller zippered pockets for things like your
phone and wallet. The Luxx comes with multiple straps as well, including a shoulder strap and a removable yoga mat strap. So no matter what you need the bag for, it will have a compartment and layout that’s perfect for your needs.

There are plenty of convenient gym bags out there and you can find them pretty easily. If you are looking for a women’s gym bag with shoe compartment, for example, you can head to your local sports supply store. The same is true if you are looking for a gym bag with laptop compartment. But if you are looking for a convenient, durable and versatile bag with all of these options and more, then you need the Luxx from Live Well 360, the only gym bag that can
keep up with all of your life’s adventures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Kathryn Randall
Brilliant Bag for the Long Haul

I bought this bag in 2012 and it is still going to day, and in great condition. It's travelled across multiple continents with me and it is my go-to bag when my weekender isn't big enough, or if I need to have more structure (read: pockets) for whatever I'm planning to pack. I love it for the gym, and it's great when I workout and intend to head out afterwards - I can pack everything into it. Hands down the best bag I've owned.

Phil Park
Multi Functional Gym Bag

I really like this gym bag which you could also double as a travel carry-on bag. Haven’t utilized all the various compartments yet but they are nice to have. LOVE the extra compartment for the shoes! I’m a trail runner and being able to keep my dirty shoes away from my clean clothes is wonderful. The quality of this bag seems to be extremely durable from its material to the hardware and zippers. Should last a long time. My only issue is not a big one, just a personal preference. The interior lining is a little dark making it hard to see into the bag, especially in lower lit areas. Could also be because there are so many compartments that even being a good sized bag there’s just a lot going on there. But that’s just an extremely minor annoyance. If I were to change one thing on this bad, instead of having a straight zipper for the main compartment I would widen the bag a bit and do a circular zipped flap. Again, that’s just preference. Well done on this bag!

Eija Sellmer


Brandon Hill
The Luxx

Baddass shit

Jason Sweetnam
Favorite Bag

My girlfriend loves it so much I bought it for my step-mom as well. Looks amazing and functions well!

Nadia Vani


Lori Duesing
Good quality and fashionable

Really appreciate all the compartments. It is well made with hefty zippers and a very comfortable and padded shoulder strap. The lining is a deep red/burgundy which is nice but I really like the motivational lighter option of the other model. Highly recommend the bag

Great quality

I love the quality of this bag! Thick fabric / straps and heavy duty zippers. My issues with the bag are that the opening seems a little more closed than other bags I have had in the past and it is a very masculine bag. I knew it was not going to be a cute bag when I ordered it but it had all of the features I wanted but in person this bag looks really masculine.

Sabrina Sordo
Luv it!!!

The Compartments, weight, size.... it’s soooo much better than the Lululemon bags I’ve owned.❤️❤️❤️❤️


I love it! However, I prefer the signature inspirational liner instead of the burgundy lining.