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Five Top Yoga-Themed Summer Destinations

We can’t believe that summer's already here! If you haven’t already, it is about time you take a summer vacation and we have some great options for you! If you love being active and vacations just like us, you should consider taking a yoga themed vacation! From India to Thailand to Europe, we have our top yoga destinations this summer! So let’s dive into our top 5 destinations!

Atmantan Wellness Resort in India

One of the most beautiful resorts in India, the Atmantan Resort has some of the most breathtaking views. They also offer various health and wellness program from yoga retreats to weight loss programs; they will surely be able to help you with anything you are going through! Atmantan Wellness Resort is located about a one hour drive west of Pune in the Sahyadri Mountains of Western Ghats range, where it overlooks the Mulshi Lake. The name, Atmantan comes from the word atma meaning soul, and mana-meaning mind, and tan meaning body. There are a total of 97 rooms, and each comes with it’s own private infinity pool, fitness studio, massage room, sauna and rainfall showers, what else could you ask for! They offer a yoga retreat, which includes a wellness consultation, Yogic cleansing kriyas, daily massage, yoga classes, and pranic healing. All over the span of five nights, which sounds like heaven! The best part is you are relaxing, but also learning more about yourself as a person through yoga on this trip, it is definitely a must visit resort!

Royal Pita Maha in Bali, Indonesia

This amazing resort is located in Bali!! It is completely surrounded by many forests, and the Ayung River. They have various paths and stairs, which connect the buildings on the hills along the Ayung River and create a peaceful getaway. This is the best location for healing, meditating, and relaxing. There are 51 amazing, and luxurious villas, all with separate living areas and private gardens. There is even a heated swimming pool, and a beautiful terrace. They also serve international cuisine with some regional foods. And the best part, well they have dance, art, cooking, music, and yoga classes! They offer a yoga course in the yoga pavilion, which includes a silent meditation, Asana Practice, and relaxation. This is perfect if you’re looking to escape reality and take time for yourself to engage in life, and learn the practices of yoga.

Ayii Anargyri in Cyprus

Ayii Anargyri located in Cyprus and actually was a former monastery. Around this beautiful resort is a wine-growing area, which is perfect for nature lovers, and peace seekers. They offer various yoga retreats, which focus on health and vitality in thermal sulphur water. This yoga retreat offers yoga classes oxygen cocktails, and a hydro jet in sulfur spring water. There are 56 rooms in this resort and come with a magnificent view over the mountains or pool. They have different styles of rooms as well, including sulphur spring suites, spa rooms, prestige, and spa suites. The different thing about this resort is they offer ‘free time yoga” The yoga costs about 65 dollars per hour, and individual lessons. You can enjoy the nature with cycling, hiking, or trips to the Troodos Mountains.

Paradis Plage Resort in Morocco

The Paradis Plage Resort is located in western Morocco on a vast sandy beach. It is perfect for surfers, and yoga enthusiasts. The resort includes 97 suites with a balcony or terrace with amazing views. They offer junior suites, premium suites, and prestige suites. Paradis Plage Resort is actually Morocco’s first surf yoga and spa resort, which is north of Agadir. Their amazing yoga retreat includes sensorial hammams, yoga practices, relaxation massage with orange blossom, a body peel, and wellness massage. And you can actually have the yoga retreat just for yourself, or the offer couple yoga retreats!

Samahita Retreat in Thailand

The Samahita Resort is a beautiful, eco-friendly Yoga retreat, which is located on a beach in the south of Koh Samui. The name Samahita means balance in Sanskrit. This resort gives off a cozy atmosphere, environmentally friendly, and a relaxing and calm environment. There are 40 rooms with a sea view, balcony or terrace in each room. They offer an outstanding yoga retreat program featuring several yoga experts in Pranayama, a classic Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. The great thing is this program is great for both beginners and advance Yogis. It includes Ayurveda therapies, soothing massages, coaching, wraps and peels! They even have a meditation garden with a Bodhi tree, lotus pond, saltwater pool, and herbal bath. If this doesn’t sound like paradise we don’t know what does! If you’re looking for a very personalized and tailored yoga program, we would recommend Samahita Retreat! (* * *) We hope you liked learning about our top 5 Yoga Retreats worldwide. It was very difficult to narrow down the list with all the worldwide locations, but we have chosen the best for this summer! All locations include amazing views, and relaxing spaces to meditate and enjoy your trip! Yoga is a great way to relax, get fit, and self discover. Don’t forget to try out some these resorts and let us know if you liked them!
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